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The Best Crypto Derivative Exchanges

Derivatives are efficient trading instruments that can offer traders an edge in managing risk and multiplying profits. Here are the top four crypto derivative exchanges that we recommend. Why Use...

Binance Tests Options Trading Days After Delisting FTX’s Leveraged Tokens

Binance might be ready to release options contracts after their Twitter handle teased that they are in a testing phase. Options are a sophisticated trading instrument, and the announcement is peculiar given that...

Algorithms Attract Traders Looking to Save Crypto Wealth

Investors who took a chance on some of Set Protocol‘s trading algorithms will find their crypto wealth slightly greener as most automated token Sets closed last week with a 40%...

Crypto Volumes Surge as Bitcoin Takes a Beating

Crypto trading volumes have soared this week as investors flock to stablecoins and Bitcoin tests $6,000 amid global turmoil caused by coronavirus concerns and oil price declines. Crypto Markets Tumble...

Mimic Professional Traders on DeFi Using Social Trading

DeFi-native Set Protocol, an automated investment platform, has finalized its rollout of social trading, allowing everyday users to benefit from the wisdom and expertise of financially-savvy traders. Emotionless Trading with...

Analysis: BSV Is Up 500% Thanks to Wash Trading

Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) entered a massive bull rally which saw the coin’s price increase by 5x. As the crypto community questions the sudden upswing, a technical pattern estimates that...

Bitcoin Futures Volumes Outperform Spot Markets on Binance

Cryptocurrency futures trading volumes have now outpaced spot markets on Binance, according to a report issued by the company.  Users Turn to Futures on Binance The report, titled “Leverage and...

Watch Out, Day Traders: Crypto Quant Trading Is Coming For Your Gainz

Crypto trading is a tough game, but a new acquisition could make it even more competitive. Genesis, an OTC crypto trading and lending group, is now adding the quant trading...