Diego Almada Lopez

Diego Almada Lopez

Diego Almada Lopez

Senior Editor
Diego is a seasoned crypto analyst, having worked at several venture capital firms. Now he's using that experience to deliver insights for Crypto Briefing.
  • AI network Bittensor token drops 15% as possible hack leads to chain halt

    AI network Bittensor token drops 15% as possible hack leads to chain halt

    The incident underscores the vulnerability of decentralized AI networks to security breaches, potentially undermining trust and stability in such systems.


  • Vitalik backs new Ethereum-compatible chain MegaETH in M round

    Vitalik backs new Ethereum-compatible chain MegaETH in $20M round

    Vitalik Buterin's investment in MegaETH could significantly accelerate the development and adoption of high-speed, Ethereum-compatible blockchain solutions, potentially transforming the landscape of decentralized applications and transactions.


  • Golden CHWY token image with teal background.

    Solana meme coin CHWY jumps 11,000% on Roaring Kitty’s dog post

    The dramatic surge in the CHWY meme coin highlights the significant influence of social media personalities on cryptocurrency markets, underscoring the volatility and speculative nature of digital assets driven by online trends.

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  • Golden Solana ETF icon on teal gradient.

    First Solana ETF in North America set to launch on Toronto Stock Exchange

    The launch of the first Solana ETF in North America on the Toronto Stock Exchange signifies a growing acceptance and integration of digital assets into mainstream financial markets, potentially increasing institutional and individual investor participation in the cryptocurrency space.


  • Bitstamp lists BONK amidst Robinhood’s acquisition plans

    Bitstamp lists BONK amidst Robinhood’s acquisition plans

    The listing of BONK on Bitstamp and Robinhood's acquisition plans highlight the ongoing expansion and regulatory challenges in the crypto market, potentially leading to increased market consolidation and scrutiny.

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  • Golden Bitcoin ETF icon on teal.

    BlackRock sees Bitcoin ETFs inflows mostly from ‘self-directed investors,’ not institutions

    BlackRock's CIO reveals that Bitcoin ETFs are mainly bought by self-directed investors, with retail dominating over institutions.


  • Trump Solana coin image.

    Trump Solana meme coin surges after suspected hack of Pirate Wires twitter

    A Solana-based meme coin named after Donald Trump surged over 80% in value following a tweet from Pirate Wires, but the cryptocurrency community suspects the tweet and subsequent contract address post from the founder's account were the result of a hack.

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  • Golden Ethereum ETF symbol, July launch.

    Ethereum spot ETFs to start trading July 2nd: Bloomberg analyst

    Bloomberg analyst predicts July 2nd as the start date for trading spot Ethereum ETFs, with SEC approvals signaling a bullish market.