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Roy Sheinfeld

Roy Sheinfeld

Roy Sheinfeld

Guest Contributer
Roy Sheinfeld is the founder and CEO of Breez. He founded the business in 2018 with a clear mission: to make using bitcoin as common and easy as paying for a haircut. Breez provides a platform for instantaneous Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network protocol. Prior to Breez, Roy co-founded and served as the CTO of, an enterprise software company with over 1000 customers around the globe. With a strong software engineering background, he was responsible for product strategy, management and implementation, building a development team and personally leading strategic business initiatives with Microsoft, IBM, Blackberry, Check Point, and others.
  • Solving the Routing problem for Lightning Network

    Lightning Network Routing: Privacy and Efficiency In A Positive-Sum Game

    Breez CEO Roy Sheinfeld explains how developers are solving the routing problem for Lightning, Bitcoin's second-layer payments network.