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Vince Dioquino

Vince Dioquino

Vince Dioquino

  • simple illustration of mt. gox repayment plan

    Mt. Gox to begin $9 billion repayment plan in July

    Mt. Gox's rehabilitation trustee has announced plans to begin Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash repayments to creditors in July.


  • a researcher studying spot crypto ETFs

    South Korean researcher sees risks with spot crypto ETFs

    The analysis examines recent approvals of Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs and suggests that these products could destabilize the financial system.


  • cookie monster eating bitcoin, dell imagery in the background

    Dell CEO posts Cookie Monster eating Bitcoin meme, says ‘scarcity creates value’

    Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies, has sparked curiosity with his views on Bitcoin through a playful exchange with Michael Saylor.


  • photorealistic rendering of a ripple xrp coin

    Ripple faces securities suit in Cali over ‘misleading’ statements from 2017

    The lawsuit focuses on an allegedly misleading statement from 2017 where Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said he was "very, very long" on XRP.


  • a security researcher slash hacker returning funds to a deposit box

    Kraken recovers $3M from CertiK, ending contentious bug bounty incident

    Kraken has recovered nearly $3 million from blockchain security firm CertiK, concluding a controversial bug bounty incident.


  • ZRO token

    LayerZero’s ZRO token airdrop with mandatory donations goes live

    LayerZero's ZRO token airdrop requires a 10-cent donation per token, with the foundation matching up to $10M. Community reactions are split.


  • a security lock being opened

    Kraken claims it is being ‘extorted’ as white hat hacker demands reward after $3M theft

    Kraken faces extortion after a security researcher exploited a bug to steal $3 million in digital assets, demanding a reward for their work.


  • Binance launches HODLer Airdrops for BNB holders

    Binance launches HODLer Airdrops for BNB holders

    Binance launches HODLer Airdrops for BNB holders, rewarding users subscribing to Simple Earn with tokens from upcoming projects.