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230,000 Tickets Snapped Up on Valicit Marketplace for Numi Metaverse Event

As they discover their rhythm, each character is drawn through a fantasy world in which sound and colors collide to dizzying effect.

230,000 Tickets Snapped Up on Valicit Marketplace for Numi Metaverse Event

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Valicit Marketplace, the first decentralized ticketing platform built on the Venom blockchain, is thrilled to announce that more than 230,000 tickets were sold to the Numi Stories Club 404 Grand Opening on Venom testnet. The tickets give players early access to multiplayer functionality in the Numi metaverse’s Numi Stories game. 

Despite the massive demand, the Valicit Marketplace enabled users to buy or resell tickets with confidence. Using the power of Venom blockchain, Valicit guarantees that every ticket sold is valid and authentic. Through its blockchain-based API solutions,Valicit ensures the authenticity and security of ticket transactions, preventing frauds, scams, and scalping that’s rampant on traditional online ticketing platforms. Additionally, it provides comprehensive control over the secondary market, facilitating both buying and selling of tickets.

Available on Android and iOS, Numi Stories is the ultimate rhythm action mobile game that lets players chart their own narrative, engage with VTubers, embark on dance battles, and tailor their characters using NFTs from the Numi Club. Numi Stories is reminiscent of popular rhythm games like Dance-Dance-Revolution but with a unique RPG twist.

Numi is the first worldwide metaverse platform built on the Venom blockchain for thought leaders, followers, and innovators. Venom emphasizes scalability, security, and user experience, making it an ideal choice for powering Numi. By utilizing blockchain technology, Numi ensures transparency, traceability, and the ownership of digital assets within the metaverse.

Mohammad Binyamin Chaudhry, the Founder & President of Valicit, stated, “Launching on the Venom testnet has been an exhilarating journey for us at Valicit. The ticket sales we’ve witnessed so far have truly been mind blowing, reaffirming our belief in the power of blockchain. This is just the beginning of our journey and we will continue our efforts to shape the future alongside the Venom blockchain.”

Numi CEO Victor Tumasov said, “Numi was thrilled to be chosen as one of the first projects on Venom to be incorporated into the Valicit ticket platform. For us the ability to sell tickets to events in our metaverse is a very interesting possibility that gives us a lot of potential cool use cases. For the first event we have chosen our PvP mode where Venom users will be able to test their mettle against each other in an amazing dance off in our mobile game.”

To be part of this unique experience:

  • Launch Valicit’s portal to purchase your ticket with Venom testnet tokens for the Numi Stories’ PvP battle
  • After purchasing the ticket, a link will be provided to Choose your platform (iOS or Android) and download the game
  • Register your Numi ID, connect Venom Wallet, and complete the in-game tutorial 
  • Enter PvP battle at Club 404, a prominent location on the in-game map, in Numi Stories
  • While in-game leaderboards are under development, daily leaderboards will be posted on Twitter

The PvP battle will end on Tuesday, September 5th at 19:59 UTC. The Top 100 players will be awarded with the exclusive NFT premium RadLad set. All NFTs earned can be accessed both in-game and on

About Valicit

Valicit is a decentralized application taking on the ticketing industry. Through its blockchain-based API solutions, Valicit ensures the authenticity and security of ticket transactions. The platform gives users and event organizers the ability to verify the legitimacy of tickets using blockchain authentication. Additionally, it provides comprehensive control over the secondary market, facilitating both buying and selling of tickets. 

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