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A Law Drafted by ChatGPT Was Unanimously Approved in Brazil

The Future of Lawmaking - AI Takes Center Stage in Brazil.

A Law Drafted by ChatGPT Was Unanimously Approved in Brazil

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A law drafted by ChatGPT was unanimously approved in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Councilman Ramiro Rosário, the proponent of the law, confessed to using AI to draft the legislation, which came into effect in November.

Rosário entered a 49-word prompt into the OpenAI system, and within seconds, he had a complete draft that included justifications. The proposal aimed to prevent the city of Porto Alegre from charging taxpayers to replace water consumption meters in case of theft.

“If the use of AI had been disclosed earlier, the proposal likely wouldn’t have been submitted to a vote. It would be unfair to the population if this project were not approved simply because it was written with AI,” stated the counselor.

Rosário’s revelations caused controversy and discontent in the city’s political establishment of 1.3 million inhabitants. In particular, the city council president, Hamilton Sossmeier, initially labeled the action as a dangerous precedent. However, he later changed his mind: “After delving more profoundly, I realized that, unfortunately, or fortunately, this is going to be a trend.

This event marks a milestone in the history of legislation and artificial intelligence, demonstrating the potential of AI to assist in drafting laws and regulations. However, it also raises questions about ethics and responsibility in using AI in politics.

AI can help draft laws, but people should proceed cautiously when integrating AI into sensitive areas such as politics. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see how the role of AI in legislation develops and what debates arise.

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