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Aloha Employs Learn2Earn Model, rewarding with you knowledge and crypto

With the Aloha Academy, you can learn how to make informed investment decisions and better understand the crypto markets.

Aloha Employs Learn2Earn Model, rewarding with you knowledge and crypto

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The DeFi market continues to steam forward, with tremendous growth and more opportunities to earn passive income. Despite all this, many remain locked out because of a lack of knowledge about the crypto market. The initial capital requirement also remains a barrier for many potential investors.

Aloha is now tackling those issues with the Aloha Academy, an educational hub where users are paid to learn more about the crypto market.

It requires no initial investment, and this Learn2Earn model is a crypto and DeFi school where passing the tests will let you earn ALOHA tokens.

On top of this, there have been many other new additions to Aloha DeFi. Starting with the Aloha Academy, you can learn how to make informed investment decisions and better understand the crypto markets.

Introducing the Aloha Academy

The Aloha Academy is the right place to start for a novice or a would-be investor. The crypto market has been around for more than ten years, and this time has seen a cascade of new developments, applications, and technological implementations. For this reason, despite the market now seeing a fair amount of adoption in global markets, retail investors still struggle to enter the market.

But even experienced investors find that so much of the market is hard to process. There are some basic and important parts of DeFi, like yield farming, for instance, that they should know for their financial betterment. And this is the goal of Aloha Academy — to give these new investors some insight into how the DeFi markets work and how they can benefit from it.

The system is simple: learn about DeFi, various protocols, NFTs, yield farming, and more; put your understanding to the test; and finally earn ALOHA if you answer correctly.

Of course, the Aloha community is well aware of Aloha’s focus on providing as many ways to earn and put their assets to use. Aloha Academy is just another gear in that machine, and there won’t be any shortage of courses to that end. There are several courses ready, and future courses will go into the deeper aspects of investing, including securities, wise investing strategies. Those new to crypto will also see a crypto beginner course soon.

Surf Invaders

Aloha’s Surf Invaders is a top-rated product in the Aloha ecosystem. The team has seen lots of positive feedback about the game, which is the result of much effort. When it was first developed, the team focused on designing a game that was both fun and — literally — rewarding.

Surf Invaders is an endless runner type of game where you surf your way out of the clutches of a sea monster while cleaning up the ocean. The game is easy to play, requiring only the directional arrows to turn and move.

Surf Invaders V3 will have new flash prizes for catching VIP guests. This calls for being quick and precise, and it will net you fabulous prizes. Lastly, you’ll find another way to earn ALOHA by collecting ocean plastic in the new version. This is just another way to spread the message of being environmentally conscious.

One of the key features of Surf Invaders is that you can use your Aloha NFTs in the game to get extra lives.
If you haven’t seen the Aloha NFTs yet, then now is the time to grab some of the collection because seven seasons have already passed, and some of the lucky members of the community have been nabbing those sweet legacy NFTs. It’s worth remembering that each season has a limited supply.

The NFT collectibles go through a seasonal theme every month, with the last two being Halloween Party and Quentin Tarantino film-inspired. They’re all limited edition, so you only have about a month to get your hands on them.

It’s not only the collectible nature that gives them value — but you can also use them in several ways in the Aloha DeFi ecosystem. They can be used in the Aloha DAO, with the number of votes associated with them changing depending on the rarity of the asset. You can also use them in the Surf Invaders game, as mentioned, to gain some extra lives and help you get the top score.

Reward Farming With Smartdex Returns

The news we’ve all been waiting for is the introduction of new incentives on Smartdex, tentatively slated for November 14.

In the first half of the year, the incentives were offered for contribution to the ALOHA/NIOX pair on Smartdex. Fifteen liquidity providers earned some super rare ALOHA/NIOX animated NFTs, with the pool offering a strong APY.

But now, the incentive will encourage dual rewards for farming. Besides earning for providing liquidity, you’ll also gain access to the monthly Aloha raffle, which comes with its own rewards.

That’s right, by participating in the dual reward farming scheme, you’ll automatically be entered into the monthly Aloha raffle. Just being in the pool will gain you entry.

The Aloha raffle is a monthly contest. Eligible participants gain tickets that will drop into the raffle draw, with each ticket requiring 5000 ALOHA in your wallet. The more tickets, the better your chances of winning. At the end of the two-week raffle period, lucky winners are picked from the draw impartially using Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF), and they can win prizes, including monetary rewards.

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