altFINS launches Trade & Earn program to reward traders with premium features

altFINS launches Trade & Earn program to reward traders with premium features

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altFINS has announced the launch of the Trade & Earn program, which rewards traders with access to Premium Tier features on the altFINS platform.

This is a truly unique value proposition not offered by any DEX, DEX Aggregator, or wallet provider.

Richard Fetyko, CEO of altFINS, stated: “We believe that traders should get more value for their trading activity than just low fees and high liquidity. altFINS is the only platform that rewards traders with access to unique trading tools, trade signals, market scans, alerts, education, and research, while still ensuring the best prices and high liquidity from over 100 sources!”

Regarded as a leading crypto screener and trade signal provider, the altFINS platform has been used by 1.4M traders to find profitable trading ideas and strategies.

Traders can now gain access to Premium features that were previously reserved for subscribers only.

DEX trading volumes grow

DEX trading volumes reached $900B in 2023 and it’s bound to grow as more traders move to self-custody trading to avoid counterparty risk with centralized exchanges (FTX, etc.).

But traders who buy and sell crypto directly in their wallets (Metamask, etc.) or through other DEXs or DEX Aggregators, get no additional value for it! All they receive is pure trade execution.

Why trade on altFINS DEX aggregator?

altFINS is the first DEX Aggregator to reward traders with tools that give them an edge in the market:

  • Premium Access: Swap on altFINS DEX and unlock premium features, including trading signals, AI chart patterns, preset market scans, alerts, and expertly curated trade setups.
  • Unified Portfolio View: Track your portfolio across multiple CEX and wallets. Transaction history in one place.
  • Educational Resources: Access an extensive library of trading education materials and trading courses.
  • Coin Picks for Long-Term Investments: Gain exclusive access to COIN PICKS, offering insights for strategic long-term investments.
  • Best Prices Across 100+ DEXs. Powered by Paraswap, altFINS DEX Aggregator finds the best prices for thousands of cryptocurrencies across multiple network protocols.

Capitalize on premium access to boost your trading strategy with advanced tools, expert insights, and educational resources.

Trade and Earn NOW! Don’t Miss Out on This Exclusive Opportunity!

🌐 Visit altFINS DEX:

📈 Start Earning Premium Access: Swap and Earn Today!

altFINS is a crypto trading analytics platform. Launched in the summer of 2020, it has had over 1.4M users since inception. The platform aggregates data from exchanges and calculates over 120 analytics for 3,000 assets across 5 time intervals, with 4 years of data history. Using our analytics, traders can quickly scan the market to gain actionable insights: assets in a strong uptrend, assets with trend reversals, chart pattern breakouts, oversold / overbought. It’s the best crypto screener for traders.

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