“An Insult”: Do Kwon’s First Interview Since Terra Failure Flops

Coinage aired Do Kwon’s first interview since Terra’s spectacular implosion Monday. However, viewers have widely criticized the piece for failing to answer some of the community’s burning questions over the collapse.

“An Insult”: Do Kwon’s First Interview Since Terra Failure Flops
Cover photo courtesy of Coinage

Key Takeaways

  • Do Kwon has broken his silence for the first time since Terra's collapse in an extended interview with Coinage.
  • Viewers have criticized the first part of the feature for failing to address the community's biggest questions related to the collapse.
  • Terraform Labs previously backed Coinage's parent company, while the interviewer invested in Terra.

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Viewers complained that the interview failed to address difficult questions related to Terra’s failure.

Do Kwon’s Terra Interview Slammed 

Do Kwon has given his first interview since Terra collapsed in May, but the feature has been a resounding flop in the crypto community.

Coinage aired the first episode of an interview with the Terraform Labs CEO Monday, promising to answer the community’s questions over Terra’s implosion. Terraform Labs previously backed Coinage’s parent company Trustless Media, and the interviewer Zack Guzman revealed that he had personally invested in Terra before it imploded in May.

Guzman spent two days with Kwon for the feature, but viewers have overwhelmingly criticized the piece. Throughout the 30-minute clip that went live Monday, Guzman can be seen questioning Kwon over Terra’s failure. Though he asked Kwon whether he ever lied to the public, viewers have suggested that the interview attempts to paint the controversial founder in a positive light. 

“Do, why not have an interview with someone more neutral and respectable like Bloomberg or Fortune instead of someone who has been consistently shilling you for *years*, almost as if he’s paid?” said Twitter user and regular Terra commentator FatMan. Coinage denied that it was paid for the feature. 

FatMan also described Guzman as a “sycophantic” interviewer and questioned why he had smiled when asking Kwon about Terra investors who took their own lives following the collapse. Several other commenters raised the same point about his interview style.

“So a guy from a company which Terraform Labs was an investor in is the first one to get an interview with Do Kwon, and blames the failure of UST to it “not being big enough”? Seems legit,” wrote Parmenion. 

Difficult Questions Glossed Over

Viewers also said that the interview missed out some of the community’s key questions over Terra’s implosion. “You didn’t even ask the juicy questions. We pretty much already knew everything that was said in this interview. What you should’ve asked him were his plans going forward… You had a good opportunity to finally interview him and you blew it,” said YouTube user Ayles Smith. 

“This is joke, not a interview, they tried to clean Do Kwon image, is an insult to us,” added Masterkey Musica. 

Viewers also asked about the future of Terra after it attempted to revive its blockchain in May and the millions of dollars that Kwon allegedly withdrew from its reserves before Terra’s collapse. In June, Kwon was accused of making monthly $80 million withdrawals from Terraform Labs’ holdings in the lead-up to the collapse. Other funds also remain unaccounted for. As UST started to lose its parity with the dollar, the Luna Foundation Guard claimed it spent over $1 billion worth of Bitcoin trying to save it from depegging. However, a transparent paper trail of the transactions has never been published. Crypto Briefing and multiple other crypto community members have repeatedly questioned Kwon over the funds, but he has persistently stayed quiet. 

Kwon is currently under investigation for fraud and both he and Terraform Labs are facing multiple lawsuits. Prosecutors have also banned the company’s employees from leaving South Korea. Coinage, meanwhile, has promised that more episodes with Kwon will air soon. 

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