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Code Reviews

  • Cosmos Code Review Time To Build

    Cosmos Code Review: Dammit, Time To Build

    Cosmos promises to solve today's biggest blockchain problems: chief code reviewer Andre Cronje dived in to see if they might just do it.


  • Stegos Code Review Privacy Platform For Decentralized Mobile dApps

    Stegos Code Review: Privacy Platform For Decentralized Mobile dApps

    Stegos is a new gamefied PoS blockchain created to provide complete privacy - without compromising speed.


  • GEO Protocol Code Review Internet of Value

    GEO Protocol Code Review: Internet of Value

    Good code, from a design, implementation, architecture, and abstraction perspective - but Andre Cronje has a question about GEO Protocol.


  • Harmony Code Review by Andre Cronje Open Consensus Protocol

    Harmony Open Consensus Blockchain Code Review

    Andre Cronje reviews the Harmony Open Consensus blockchain code.


  • MultiVAC Code Review All Dimensional Sharding Blockchain

    MultiVAC Code Review: All Dimensional Sharding

    MultiVAC is an interesting project that merits attention.


  • MagnaChain Code Review Fork Bitcoin For A Laugh

    MagnaChain Code Review: Fork This For A Laugh

    MagnaChain is a 100% brand new built-from-the-ground-up blockchain of supreme awesomeness that is better than Bitcoin in every way, and definitely not a fork.


  • OneLedger Code Review Business Modularization Atomic Swaps

    OneLedger Code Review: Business Modularization

    OneLedger introduces us to the concept of business modularization in blockchain, which is a fancy way of saying that it aims to bridge decentralized and centralized technologies.


  • Grin Coin Code Review by Andre Cronje: A Fresh Slice Of Mimblewimble

    Grin Coin Code Review: A Fresh Slice Of Mimblewimble

    Grin Coin has been one of the few highlights of the crypto winter.