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Cryptocurrency analysis is separate from news on Crypto Briefing. Although it’s important to write about what’s going on in the blockchain world, we find it just as important to offer context and perspective to our readers.

Sure, the hash rate for Bitcoin is going up – what does that mean? The Ethereum network is congested – by what?

Our analysis writers also examine industry trends, developments, and the overarching theme of cryptocurrency adoption, to bring you insightful commentary that helps all readers navigate the cryptosphere successfully.

Is bitcoin a safe asset ask argentina and china

Is Bitcoin A Safe Haven? Ask China And Argentina

Nevermind the double-digit price swings. Despite the day-to-day roller coaster ride of crypto markets, spiking demand in China and Argentina point to a pivot...
How Blockchain Projects Can Succeed (And Avoid Legal Hassles) in the USA

How Blockchain Projects Can Succeed (And Avoid Legal Hassles) in the USA

If you started your legal career more than 30 years ago in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) Enforcement Division by suing a company...
A Shitcoin Index The Most Overhyped Underperformers In Crypto

A Shitcoin Index: The Most Overhyped Underperformers In Crypto?

Warren Davidson and Meltem Demirors may have brought shitcoins to the attention of the United States Congress, but crypto insiders have long used the...
send bitcoin on sundays for lower fees

Pinching Pennies? Send Bitcoin On Sunday Afternoons For Lower Fees

Bitcoin's fees are on the rise. Between May and August, the average transaction cost has wavered between $2 and $6. Most people don't spend Bitcoin...
Wirex could put nano on your visa card

Wirex Could Put Nano On Your Visa Card

One of the fastest cryptocurrencies is getting even easier to use. Pavel Matveev, CEO of Wirex, recently discussed the growth of the FCA-licensed company’s...
6 Crypto Coins That Could Prevent Government Snooping

6 Crypto Coins That Could Prevent Government Snooping

Privacy coins provide a discreet alternative to Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. By hiding the details of your transactions, they ensure that nobody can...
gold vs bitcoin

Stick To Sports, Mark Cuban: You Clearly Don’t Understand Bitcoin

Billionaires are always good for a spectacle. Elon Musk tweets a line about his favourite currency, and Dogecoin moons; when Mike Novogratz or Warren...
As Alts Slide Tezos Gains 200 Percent

While Alts Sink, The Tezos Tsunami Triples Up For Tezzie Investors

Altseason has been indefinitely postponed, but not everyone's watching the clock. With threefold price growth for the year, Tezos (XTZ) is one of the...
juggling crypto.com concept

Why Does Crypto.Com Have Two Tokens?

Crypto.com Chain is a mobile wallet, accompanied by a payments card. When the project launched in 2017, it seemed an ideal way to increase...
Bitcoin dominance hits two year high

Bitcoin Dominance Hits Two-Year High

Bitcoin dominance is now at 68%, the highest level of the past two years. In a recent report, Binance researchers indicated that these "historical" levels...

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