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What is Binance Coin Introduction to BNB token

Binance.US Plagued by Low Liquidity

Binance.US opened almost two months ago amid significant anticipation. But, it appears to have failed to deliver on the hype as its liquidity remains...
Ethereum ecosystem tokens ERC-20

The Ethereum Token Ecosystem Is Thriving

The so-called Ethereum killers never arrived. The network thrives as ERC-20 tokens approach Ethereum’s capitalization. Other smart contract platforms are not even close to...
Silbert's Grayscale Investment Report Shows A Positive Start To 2019

Examining Grayscale’s Crypto Asset Fund Performance

The world’s largest digital asset fund, Grayscale Investment Trust, received wide-spread attention from the crypto community when it attracted a record amount of investment...
Bitcoin Price Unaffected By Yesterday's ETF Decision

Bitcoin’s Biggest Difficulty Drop for 2019: Simply Coincidence?

A few days ago, Bitcoin saw one of the largest single miner difficulty drops since late 2018. Multiple culprits have been proposed, but data...
Bitcoin mining

No Threat of Centralization: How Exchanges View the Mining Industry

Coinbase, Kraken and other cryptocurrency exchanges are taking positions on proof-of-work consensus and Bitcoin mining. Despite criticisms against proof-of-work, they argue there is little risk...
Why Bitcoin Characteristics of Distributed Ledger Technology

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Pressured to Collect More Private User Information by FATF

The FATF's recent guidelines have widespread implications on what private information exchanges need to track and collect from customers. Here are some insights on...
European Central Bank digital currency

Libra Under Threat as European Central Bank Confirms Move Toward a Digital Currency

The European Central Bank could be inching toward creating a digital currency for the continent. Attitudes about cryptocurrencies appear to be shifting in Europe...
Bitcoin Halving Will Be A Huge Shock To Miners Transactions Will Have To Increase

Bitcoin’s Upcoming Halving Exposes Long-Term Security Issues

Bitcoin’s network security largely depends on block rewards, not transaction fees. Will fees alone be enough to sustain the network as halvings continue to...
China Includes introductions to Blockchain Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Communist Party reading materials

Did Xi Jinping Impact the Price of Bitcoin?

BTC sentiment is a key market driver. Following Xi Jingping's positive comments on blockchain a narrative that the news will drive price growth has...
Bitcoin fundamentals increasing, price stable

Bitcoin Will See First Mining Difficulty Decrease in Three Months

Bitcoin will have its first mining difficulty decrease in over three months. The decrease reflects a lower network-wide hashrate which corresponds to lower mining...
Ethereum, EOS, Dash have supply reductions of their own.

With All Eyes On The Next Bitcoin Halving, Alt Supply Dynamics Are Being Overlooked

There is a growing hype surrounding the upcoming Bitcoin halving, set to occur in May 2020, about 190 days away. What this means is...
Stellar Lumens are burned, but for what reason?

Stellar Lumens Burn As Nano Pries Open Kraken’s Door

From 105 to 50 billion. That was the net result of the Stellar Development Foundation’s decision to burn 55 billion XLM tokens. All of...
CME launches Options

CME To Usher In Options On Bitcoin Futures Contracts

The CME Group has announced plans to begin offering trading in options on Bitcoin futures contracts from Q1 2020. While the product remains subject...
Exchange tokens are different, but how do their prices compare?

A Comparative Price Analysis of Exchange Tokens

Native exchange tokens have become a fairly widespread way for exchanges to fund their development. By creating native tokens and selling them to traders,...
What dApp category is most popular?

The Changing Face of DApps: Which DApp Categories Are The Strongest?

It's no secret that decentralized applications are growing in popularity. Right now, there are about 3,000 dApps in existence, primarily scattered across Ethereum, EOS,...
Was Libra a good idea in the first place?

Could Libra Be Revived By A Shining Armored Knight?

Mark Zuckerberg couldn't possibly have imagined it would be easy. Having ostracized the crypto community by banning their ads on his platform, the Facebook...
Jack Dorsey Outplayed Zuckerberg

Crypto In, Politics Out: How Jack Dorsey Outplayed Mark Zuckerberg

There is a new exchange on the block, and it has some heavily pro-Bitcoin, anti-political ad supporters behind it. Jack Dorsey has simultaneously banned...
Can Binance maintain its dominance in IEOs

Can Binance Launchpad Maintain Its Edge When It Comes To IEOs?

Binance Launchpad pioneered the IEO, but it's not the undisputed leader. Can high ROIs keep it on top? Binance Launchpad is single-handedly responsible for popularizing...
On-Chain Rx How Blockchain Is Changing the Pharmaceutical Industry

On-Chain Rx: How Blockchain Is Changing The Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the world's few (almost) trillion-dollar verticals, worth more than $900 billion annually, according to a recent report from...
SEC issues no action to Paxos

SEC Warms To Blockchain With No Action Letter to Paxos

The SEC has issued yet another 'no action' letter. Was it Congressman Tom Emmers’ denunciation of the regulator, or was it simply a hat...

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