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Binance Makes The Argument For BNB Utility

Binance Makes The Argument For BNB Utility

Is the BNB Token a security or a utility token? It's a question that Binance appears keen to answer, if a recent blog post...
Winds Of Change Clean Energy Policy And Crypto Adoption Find Common Enemies

Winds Of Change: Clean Energy Policy And Crypto Adoption Find Common Enemies

Entrenched interests stand to lose out should cryptocurrency find a foothold in consumer transactions and cross-border payments. SWIFT processed over $300bn worth of transactions...


Despite Bitwise Managing Director Matt Hougan's sunshine optimism that the market was "closer than ever" to a Bitcoin ETF, last night the SEC announced...
Fintech Companies Tackle Financial Inclusion Banks Fall Further Behind

Fintech Companies Tackle Financial Inclusion: Banks Fall Further Behind

Financial inclusion has always been one of the benefits of cryptocurrencies, promising to serve the unbanked and underbanked, those ignored by legacy institutions in...
Not Just a Novelty NFT Volumes May Be Bigger Than You Think

Not Just a Novelty: NFT Volumes May Be Bigger Than You Think

By now, you probably know the story of CryptoKitties by heart. The trading game pioneered non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in 2017, and buyers were eager...
Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Application Assessing The Facts, Not The Hype

Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Application: Assessing The Facts, Not The Hype

Stories about Bitcoin ETFs are similar to the Number 38 bus: you wait outside in the cold and damp for ages and then three...
TRON Is Plagued by DApp Bots According to AnChain

TRON Plagued By Infestation Of dApp Bots: AnChain Report

AnChain is a new analytics startup, and it's on a mission: to uncover dApp bots wherever they hide. During Q1 of 2019, the firm...
Crypto Rebrands From Ripple To Tether And NEO

What’s in a Name? Crypto Rebrands, From Ripple To Tether And NEO

At Crypto Briefing, we spend all day with our heads buried in the crypto markets and even for us, it's sometimes still a challenge...
Bitcoin Price More Dependent On The US Economy Than We Thought

Bitcoin Price: More Dependent On The US Economy Than We Thought?

Bitcoin emerged from the ashes of the global financial crisis, with the genesis block created in January, 2009. The American economy emerged from the...
XRP Surges As No News Whatsoever Excites Legions Of Ripple Fans

XRP Surges As ‘No News Whatsoever’ Excites Legions Of Ripple Fans

The sudden uptick in the value of XRP has left many traders and analysts scratching their heads. In what is otherwise a very quiet...
DADA Not Just Art On Blockchains But Blockchains As Art

DADA: Not Just Art On A Blockchain, But A Blockchain As Art? uses blockchain technology to find novel ways to connect artists and create engaging works. Artistic works are produced exclusively on the website itself,...
Blockchain Buyouts Five Crucial Crypto Acquisitions In 2019

Blockchain Buyouts: Five Crucial Crypto Acquisitions In 2019

Competition among blockchain companies is fierce. These five events represent some of 2019's most important crypto acquisitions. If you've been watching the crypto world, you've...
The Cheap Bastards Guide To Buying More Bitcoin

Stacking Sats: The Cheap Bastard’s Guide To Buying More Bitcoin

Stacking sats isn't nearly as hard as it seems, if you go for the jugular and cut out the things in life you don't...
Another Mortgage Meltdown Will Finally Prove The Case For Bitcoin

Breaking Bitcoin: Another Mortgage Meltdown Will Prove The Case For Crypto

The subprime mortgage crisis triggered the global financial crisis that, in turn, triggered the bank bailouts and the quantitative easing cycle that followed to...
$24 Million SEC Penalty Spent More On A Domain Name

$24 Million SEC Penalty: Spent More On A Domain Name may have raised something in the order of $4 billion in its ICO, allegedly falling afoul of SEC regulations on the sale of...
did bitcoin crash or dip

Did Bitcoin Crash Or Dip? Crypto’s Trajectory Moving Forward

Given the decline of cryptocurrency markets over the past week, it may be a good time to put things into perspective about the latest...
wall street bored bitcoin

Is Wall Street Getting Bored? Bitcoin And The VIX Fix

With radical price swings, market manipulation, and high profile hacks, bitcoin has never lacked excitement, but that started to change this summer. Prior to...
why bakkt's slow start was no surprise

Late Bloomer: Why Bakkt’s Slow Start Is No Surprise

Bakkt has finally opened its platform for physically-delivered Bitcoin futures, but the response has been underwhelming. Nearly a year after the owners of the...
Quantitative Easing Catnip For Crypto

Quantitative Easing Could Be Catnip For Crypto

The world has been drunk on cheap money since the Global Financial Crisis, with low interest rates and other quantitative easing measures put in...
quant trading is coming to crypto

Watch Out, Day Traders: Crypto Quant Trading Is Coming For Your Gainz

Crypto trading is a tough game, but a new acquisition could make it even more competitive. Genesis, an OTC crypto trading and lending group,...

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