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Weeb3? Arbitrum and Azuki back 'on-chain anime' ecosystem

Arbitrum and Azuki back AnimeChain, platform aimed to address the billion-sized anime market with using blockchain.

Weeb3? Arbitrum and Azuki back 'on-chain anime' ecosystem

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Arbitrum-based AnimeChain announced on an X post on Mar. 27 its official launch, along with the support from Arbitrum and anime-themed digital brand Azuki. As the name suggests, AnimeChain is aimed at creating an on-chain anime ecosystem.

Arbitrum will collaborate with AnimeChain to bring anime fans on-chain by providing low-cost and high-speed infrastructure through its Arbitrum Nitro technology, according to the announcement. Meanwhile, Azuki will serve as AnimeChain’s launch partner, showcasing anime productions, games, and physical products on the platform as a blueprint for other anime intellectual property.

“Azuki has pushed boundaries in anime culture, innovating in both digital and physical experiences across the Azuki and BEANZ IPs. As the leading web3 anime brand with a passionate community, Azuki will be showcasing the potential of a decentralized model for growing a brand on AnimeChain,” the X post said.

According to the announcement, the anime industry is set to reach a $60 billion size by 2030, and a new ecosystem “for the next generation of anime that empowers creators and participants” is needed. And blockchain and anime might be a good match.

A Polygon study released in January revealed that 67% of anime watchers are composed of Gen Z and Millennials. A Stilt study, published in the same month, shared that both generations account for 94% of the investor base in crypto.

AnimeChain aims to provide infrastructure enabling the global anime network to operate on-chain, governed by creators and participants.

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