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Apeiron embraces competitiveness to drive Web3 gaming growth

Apeiron leverages real-time action and strategic gameplay to enhance Web3 gaming experience.

Apeiron embraces competitiveness to drive Web3 gaming growth

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Web3 game Apeiron announced the start of its Guild Wars tournament on May 21, featuring a $1 million prize pool. The competition will start with different regional online preliminaries up until June 25, followed by an in-person showdown set to happen in Hong Kong in Q3.

Frank Cheng, co-founder of Apeiron, explained to Crypto Briefing that the Guild Wars tournament taps into the competitive nature of the game. 

“The game is in real-time and there’s an action element that you can directly control the movements of your main avatar, and you can also use cards depending on the situation in real-time. So it’s quite like Clash Royale and Warcraft Rumble,” said Cheng.

Fostering a competitive landscape for Apeiron is a major strategy for the team, as this is a key component to attract more players, streamers, and casters into the ecosystem. “Apeiron is a game that’s fun to play and watch at the same time. A lot of our upcoming exhibitions and our launch events will be centered around competition.”

The $1 million prize pool will be split equally between cash and NFTs and will be destined for the top guilds. The event is open to the entire Web3 community and is already attracting major guilds, such as Avocado DAO and GuildFi.

Why Ronin?

Apeiron was initially deployed on Polygon’s infrastructure, but the team pivoted the project to Ronin in December 2023. Cheng explains that one of the reasons behind this movement is the potential Ronin ecosystem offers for partnerships. 

“In Web3, I think one of the most important things among developers is collaboration. And being in the Ronin Network is like being part of a family. And it’s important that we support not just SkyMavis and Axie Infinity, but other Ronin chain games in the ecosystem. We will do partnerships, we will do collabs. It’s a very founder-friendly environment that I only came to understand after the decision that we migrated to Ronin.”

Apeiron’s co-founder adds that Ronin presents itself as a very dedicated team, with broad support, such as marketing and technology, something that some blockchains lack nowadays.

Moreover, Cheng praises the user-friendly wallet that Ronin was able to offer their users, which he assesses is fit for mobile gamers, a niche treated as the propelling factor for gaming.

“Mobile gamers, Asian gamers, this is where we see probably the earliest adoption happening compared to Steam console games. I think mobile game players are probably more receptive to blockchain operations and payments and micro-transactions. So mobile is something that we want. […] I’d say they are actually one of the most powerful and user-friendly mobile gaming wallets.”

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