At ETHDenver 2024, cheqd Will Showcase Its Vision For Verifiable Credentials In Web3

At ETHDenver 2024, cheqd Will Showcase Its Vision For Verifiable Credentials In Web3

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London, United Kingdom, February 21st, 2024, Chainwire

cheqd, the startup building payment infrastructure for decentralized identity and trusted data economies, where users and organizations have full control and portability of their data, has announced its sponsorship of ATOMDenver² and DoraHacks, and participation at Frictionless side events at ETHDenver 2024, one of the biggest annual events in the crypto calendar. At the event, the team will be involved in numerous panel discussions and developer workshops, showcasing the key capabilities of the cheqd network, Credential Service and Creds, its novel platform for issuing, holding and sharing digital credentials to build portable reputation.

ETHDenver is billed as the largest Web3 #BUIDLathon, or hackathon, in the world. Despite being branded as an ETH event, the conference is home to multiple ecosystems, including Cosmos, where cheqd is built on, and brings together hundreds of innovative and talented developers, designers, and protocol enthusiasts from across the globe. The event is also one of the longest-duration spectacles on the crypto calendar, taking place over 10 days from February 23 to March 3, and will host numerous side events in an open-source format where everyone is invited to attend and participate. 

As a key sponsor of ATOMDenver², the cheqd team will participate as panel speakers in two separate discussions. Fraser Edwards, co-founder and CEO at cheqd, is slated to take part in a panel focused on ‘A New Era of Gaming and Metaverse Identities’, while Senior Product Manager Ross Power will share his thoughts in a discussion entitled ‘Cosmos Governance: A Bug or a Feature’. The side event is co-sponsored by 15 Cosmos protocols, including Secret Network, Cosmoverse, and Akash Network to name a few. There will be some fun games and pizza networking sessions at the venue.

Moreover, cheqd will showcase its innovation on self-sovereign identity and verifiable credentials at the highly anticipated DoraHacks Appchain Day, where it’s participating as an official sponsor and hosting its own workshop session to explore the utility of Creds and Credential Services. The 45-minute workshop titled “From Code to Credibility: Decoding Trust, Growing Community, Building Reputation” is open to any enthusiastic developer and will be hosted and recorded in a sound-proofed workshop room, so it’s sure to be a very hands-on event.

The cheqd team will also appear as speakers in two panels at Frictionless 2024, which is dedicated to the Cosmos ecosystem, providing an opportunity to meet and mingle with numerous experts, builders, and visionaries, and take part in thought-provoking discussions on interoperability, sovereignty, and more. In the event, cheqd will bridge the discussions on ‘IBC and DeFi: The Frontier of Possibility’ and ‘the Role of Privacy’ from the viewpoint of decentralized identity.

Finally, as one of 30 selected startups, the cheqd team is invited to access the Supermoon Startup Speed Dating Event, which sees the return of a favorite format where entrepreneurs are given a unique opportunity to connect with dozens of their peers and investors. The event takes place in a dynamic environment, where participants are encouraged to find common ground and discuss the potential for collaborations and partnerships that can enhance the utility of their projects and expand their ecosystems. 

As a key participant at ETHDenver 2024, cheqd will have a unique opportunity to expand its privacy-preserving payments and credential network. cheqd is creating a payment infrastructure based on concepts such as DIDs, SSI, and VCs in order to create Trusted Data markets as an entirely new category across industries, with a focus on reusable KYC, preference data markets, verifiable AI (vAI), and more, where the user is at the center. 

The event will also be a showcase for Creds, an all-in-one community growth platform that turns Web2 and Web3 communities into a collaborative superforce, incentivized by the reputation-building nature of creds while users being protected from scamming and sybil attacks. There are several types of creds organizations can adopt to act on insights from their communities, creating informed and personalized experiences to amplify community loyalty.

ETHDenver is a 100% community-funded event brought to you by SporkDAO, the community-owned decentralized autonomous organization that hosts and manages the event. With ETHDenver, it plans to enhance Denver and Colorado’s status as key destination for developers, entrepreneurs, and startups to come together and #BUIDL a decentralized future. 

About cheqd

cheqd ( is a privacy-preserving payment and credential network that allows users and organizations to gain control and portability of their data. cheqd builds upon Decentralised Identity (DID), Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and Digital or Verifiable Credentials (VCs) with payment infrastructure to create Trusted Data markets as an entirely new industry category. 

With its technology, cheqd is creating a new paradigm around Trusted Data economies such as reusable KYC in Web3, preference data markets, and others where the user is at the center. It empowers consumers and businesses with full ownership, portability, and control over their data and identities. In addition, this data can be transacted within a payment network that prioritizes individual privacy and market-first principles. The scale of distribution is unmatched as cheqd engages with organizations across Lending, Supply Chain, eCommerce, Education, Manufacturing, Gaming, and other sectors. 

cheqd also features a community growth platform built upon decentralized reputation, Creds (, to incentivise and engage Web3 communities through quest or learning credentials, as well as protecting users from fraud and scamming across Discord, Telegram, and beyond.


Avishay Litani
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