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BinaryX Unveils CyberArena: A New P2E Experience

During the official launch date on May 16th, game participants will have a chance to get 1000 BNX as a welcome bonus.

BinaryX Unveils CyberArena: A New P2E Experience

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BinaryX developed and released CyberArena, a play-to-earn strategic card game. Gamers may compete to earn rewards while enjoying and experiencing a no-cost game in a new decentralized environment.

Getting to Know CyberArena

CyberArena is a key addition to the BinaryX ecosystem. Being a free-to-play game with substantial prizes, it is a key driver of traffic to BinaryX. Traffic to the project will translate into revenue through other platform offerings such as the upcoming Initial Game Offering (IGO) and Game Development Platform. Revenue will in turn be used to sustain the prize pools, thus creating a sustainable system.

During the official launch date on May 16th, 2022, participants in CyberArena will have a chance to get 1000 BNX (the project’s native token) as a welcome bonus after the first month.

The game’s rules are as straightforward as they come. Each side gets the same number of resource points to begin the game. At this point, players draw cards from their decks to create their unique battle lineups. There will be a slew of heroes, each with their own unique set of abilities. It takes more resources to play a more powerful card. The side that wins each battle earns 5 victory points, while the side that loses each battle loses 3 points. After each week, players will be ranked on a leaderboard and be rewarded by the prize pool

Counting on the ability to attract hordes of new players into this free-to-play game, BinaryX is focused on gathering and growing the best and largest gaming community to support the upcoming IGO Platform. This will be the perfect platform for aspiring game developers to launch and publish their most creative ideas.

Aside from developing more games for players, the team highlighted their aspiration to become the largest GameFi platform in a whitepaper released in March 2022. The plan is to enable more game developers through technology and services such as a dedicated sidechain, a GameFi asset platform and an IGO platform.

The team is currently focused on getting the best out of the IGO platform. This platform will serve as an incubator for aspiring game developers to design, build and launch their dream GameFi projects.

The IGO team is currently holding an open call to invest in some of the most creative and unique game ideas and looking forward to supporting game developers that are interested in launching their own GameFi projects.

BinaryX’s governance token, $BNX, serves as a medium of exchange for the platform. As of May 2022, $BNX is ranked the 8th largest GameFi project on the BNB chain by token holders as well as the 4th most traded Metaverse project by volume. $BNX is also listed on Binance, KuCoin,, MEXc Global, Bitrue, Pancakeswap, and more.

BinaryX is the company behind the play-to-earn games CyberDragon and the newly-released CyberArena. Both games run on the BNB Chain.

When BinaryX first launched, it presented itself as a decentralized derivative trading system. However, the project pivoted and evolved to better serve the growing market for decentralized video games.

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