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“Bitcoin has only parabolic upside after the current accumulation phase”: Rekt Capital

The trader highlights that the current accumulation range, set between $60,000 and $70,000, might be the last chance to buy Bitcoin before an explosive movement.

“Bitcoin has only parabolic upside after the current accumulation phase”: Rekt Capital

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Bitcoin (BTC) underwent its fourth halving event on April 20 and its price rose by roughly 4% since then. According to an X post by trader Rekt Capital, this is because BTC is in its “Post-Halving Re-Accumulation phase”, which might take a few weeks to end and will be followed by a “parabolic upside.”

“Bitcoin has managed to protect the Range Low of the Re-Accumulation Range. Because of Bitcoin’s strength at the ~$60000 Range Low… It’s getting increasingly likely that Bitcoin has established its main range for the coming several weeks,” the trader shared in another post.

This parabolic uptrend is described as an accelerated growth phase, where Bitcoin reaches a new all-time high that will be kept until the next cycle. Therefore, Rekt Capital sees this accumulation period after the halving as the last chance to buy BTC at a lower price, with prices within the recently formed range being the best entry points before explosive growth.

Moreover, the trader highlights that the more time Bitcoin spends ranging between $60,000 and $70,000, the more time this bull cycle could last. As reported by Crypto Briefing, Rekt Capital shared that a pre-halving acceleration movement could make this bull cycle smaller, with BTC prices topping between December and February 2025.

However, every time Bitcoin undergoes a correction or gets stuck within an accumulation range, the duration of the current cycle gets extended by the same amount of time. The maximum threshold is between next year’s September and October, the trader points out.

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