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Bitcoin shoots for the Moon with BitMEX

Setting a new precedent, BitMEX's lunar-bound Bitcoin aims to inspire a future in space economy.

Bitcoin shoots for the Moon with BitMEX

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BitMEX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia, plans to make history by sending a physical Bitcoin token containing 1 BTC to the lunar surface. To achieve this, the company has partnered with Astrobotic and United Launch Alliance, two spaceflight firms, to integrate the token onto a commercial lander

The Peregrine-1 craft has been launched from Cape Canaveral aboard a Vulcan rocket today at 02:18 am ET. The rocket carries 201 items loaded by governments, companies, universities, and NASA through the space agency’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services initiative to promote Moon activity. Viewers can access live coverage of the 7-week lunar orbit phase and journey to the lunar surface on NASA TV after registering at a designated website.

Stephan Lutz, the CEO of BitMEX, sees this mission as an essential first step in expanding decentralized finance beyond Earth. The company has engraved the Bitcoin token with a public address and private key, allowing future generations to interact directly with the asset on the Moon.

Ben Usinger, Head of Community at BitMEX, stated that:

“We are thrilled about the launch, thanks to the dedication of like-minded partners who share our commitment to pushing the boundaries of exploration. We hope our pursuit to expand the horizons of technology and finance will inspire a new generation of innovators and pioneers to reach for the stars. Fostering a future where cryptocurrency and space exploration go hand in hand, paving the way to explore uncharted territories and fuel the evolution of Bitcoin beyond Earth.”

BitMEX invites crypto enthusiasts to send their satoshis and personal messages to the lunar surface alongside a symbolic bitcoin.

The company envisions the initiative as a “time capsule” that anchors an asset meant to enable a borderless financial system potentially spanning the cosmos.

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