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Bitvalue capital and serenity shield unite in ecosystem partnership to propel the future of digital asset management

Bitvalue capital and serenity shield unite in ecosystem partnership to propel the future of digital asset management

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February 16th, 2024 — Toronto, Canada —  BitValue Capital, the renowned investment company and venture capital firm, has joined forces with Serenity Shield, a leading provider of decentralized applications focused on secure storage for data and digital assets. 

BitValue brings to the table a robust ecosystem that encompasses a wide range of support services including incubation, advisory, marketing, IDO, and post-listing support. With BitValue’s backing, Serenity Shield aims to fast-track its vision towards creating a more secure and user-friendly digital ecosystem. 

Introducing a Biometric Hardware Wallet Solution

At the heart of this partnership, Serenity Shield is set to launch an avant-garde hardware wallet solution, integrating biometrics for enhanced security. This new wallet leverages biometric technology to offer a more secure and user-friendly way to store cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Unlike traditional wallets, biometric authentication allows users to access their assets through fingerprint recognition, eliminating the need for passwords or PINs.

The innovation extends to using NFTs for seed phrase storage. Serenity Shield’s approach involves splitting the seed phrase, a critical component for wallet recovery, into three separate parts. Each part is stored within a unique NFT. This method ensures that complete access to a user’s private keys is distributed, preventing any single entity from having full control over the assets. This layered security mechanism adds an additional barrier against unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

The biometric hardware wallet is designed for enhanced security and ease of use, aiming to encourage wider adoption of digital asset storage solutions. By integrating cutting-edge biometric technology with the innovative use of NFTs, Serenity Shield sets a new standard for security and convenience in the digital asset management space.

“Digital assets are becoming an integral part of our daily lives, and the importance of security in this space cannot be overstated,” said Venket Naga, the CEO of Serenity Shield. “Our partnership with BitValue is a significant step toward creating a safer digital environment for all. We are introducing advanced security measures and enhancing usability, ensuring that protecting digital assets is intuitive and reliable. This collaboration empowers users with the confidence and tools they need to safeguard their assets effectively. Together, we are establishing a new benchmark for security and ease of use in the digital asset management industry.”

BitValue-Serenity Shield’s Global Vision

The partnership accelerates Serenity Shield’s development roadmap with BitValue’s industry expertise and financial support. Furthermore, it opens avenues for global expansion, enabling Serenity Shield to extend its innovative secure storage solutions to a wider audience, facilitating the global adoption of decentralized applications.

This ecosystem partnership between BitValue and Serenity Shield is a testament to the commitment to innovation, security, and empowering users. Together, they aim to redefine the landscape of decentralized applications and investment practices, bringing a new era of trust and reliability for the global community.

“Our collaboration with Serenity Shield represents a pivotal step towards creating a more secure and accessible digital world. The challenges of digital asset security are indeed complex, yet our combined efforts are poised to introduce groundbreaking solutions that tackle these issues head-on,” stated Sophie Pulitzer, Co-Founder of BitValue Capital. “By integrating our resources and expertise with Serenity Shield’s innovative solutions, we aim to fast-track the mass adoption of digital assets.”

About BitValue Capital 

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, BitValue Capital has quickly established itself as an early investor in leading blockchain technologies, including Near, Flow, and Polkadot. The core team brings together experienced professionals from some of North America’s top investment banks, hedge funds, Canadian pension funds, IBM, and the Toronto Stock Exchange, among other prominent institutions. BitValue Capital is dedicated to incubating top-tier blockchain projects and promoting global industry collaboration.

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About Serenity Shield

Serenity Shield is a multi-chain solution dedicated to privacy and security. It empowers individuals and businesses to interact securely and confidently in the digital world by leveraging the power of blockchain to safeguard and protect user data. Serenity Shield offers a unique and innovative way to store sensitive data and document inheritance, ensuring that legacies and digital assets live on for generations. The company’s leading product – the StrongBox® DApp – enables individuals to reclaim control over their data, identity, and digital assets while protecting their loved ones, families, and businesses.

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