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Celestia's Blobstream goes live on Ethereum mainnet

Currently available on testnet, Blobstream is expected to be deployed on L2s following audits and Celestia's upcoming launch.

Celestia's Blobstream goes live on Ethereum mainnet

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Modular blockchain network Celestia has launched its data availability solution, Blobstream, on the Ethereum mainnet, according to the team’s announcement on Monday.

Developed by Succinct Labs, Blobstream enables Celestia’s data roots to be streamed to an Ethereum light client on-chain. The solution offers high-throughput data availability (DA) for Ethereum layer 2 solutions (L2s), secured by cryptoeconomic guarantees.

“This provides permissionless, high-throughput DA to Ethereum L2s, secured by cryptoeconomic guarantees rather than reputation or hidden trust assumptions,” stated Celestia.

Previously, Ethereum developers faced throughput limitations, prompting them to move to alternative layer 1 networks or rely on centralized services for DA.

Blobstream allows developers to continue their work within the Ethereum ecosystem. Builders can create customizable, high-throughput blockspace without the need for permissions or committees while ensuring security through cryptographic economic guarantees.

Apart from the launch, the Celestia team announced that Blobstream on the Ethereum mainnet is now accessible on Celestia’s blockchain explorer Celenium.

According to Celestia’s blog announcement, Succinct Labs has introduced Blobstream X, a zero-knowledge (ZK) implementation that streamlines the verification of Celestia validator signatures on-chain with a single ZK proof. This reduces validator overhead, simplifies the Celestia protocol, and accelerates the streaming of data root commitments for Ethereum L2s.

As noted, both Blobstream and its ZK implementation are currently available on testnet. Following code audits and Celestia’s upcoming launch, the community will be able to deploy Blobstream on Ethereum Mainnet and L2s to enhance streaming DA.

Prior to this deployment, Celestia had already brought Blobstream to Arbitrum Orbit, Starknet, and Base, marking a continuous commitment to improving the Ethereum ecosystem’s infrastructure.

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