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Jack Dorsey's Block now shipping Bitkey Bitcoin wallet to customers around the world

Bitkey lets users truly own their Bitcoin by giving them control of their private keys.

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Jack Dorsey’s Block has officially started the distribution of its new self-custody Bitcoin wallet, Bitkey, to customers worldwide, according to the company’s recent post on X. At first glance, the Bitkey Bitcoin wallet has a hexagon shape with a grayscale marble pattern. Beyond this eye-catching design, Block created it to empower users to directly control their Bitcoin holdings without dependence on third-party exchanges.

According to a blog announcement from Bitkey, the Bitkey wallet, introduced for pre-order in December at a price of $150, is designed to provide users with a secure and user-friendly experience. The wallet’s app is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, featuring a suite of tools to enhance the safety and convenience of managing Bitcoin.

One of Bitkey’s key features is its recovery system. The Bitkey team emphasizes that Bitkey prioritizes user security by offering simple recovery tools like Trusted Contacts. Even if customers lose their phone and Bitkey hardware, this feature empowers users to regain access to their funds with the help of verified contacts.

Additionally, the company has introduced features like Emergency Access, which ensures that customers retain access to their funds even in the unlikely event that the Bitkey app or team becomes unavailable. By prioritizing self-custody and actively seeking customer feedback to refine the Bitkey wallet, Block is taking significant steps to give users more control over their financial lives through Bitcoin.

Bitkey Bitcoin wallet has launched in 95 countries. This global rollout is accompanied by strategic partnerships with established crypto platforms, Cash App and Coinbase. These partnerships allow Bitkey users to seamlessly transfer and buy Bitcoin directly within the app, leveraging the trusted infrastructure of these services.

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