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Blocksquare hits $100M tokenized RWA, announces DeFi launchpad

Blocksquare's legal structure sets global standard for secure real estate tokenization.

Blocksquare hits $100M tokenized RWA, announces DeFi launchpad

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Blocksquare, a real estate asset tokenization protocol, has reached a major milestone. The firm successfully tokenized a diverse portfolio of real estate assets exceeding $100 million. This includes 118 properties across more than 21 countries, including hotels, restaurants, and healthcare facilities.

In addition, Blocksquare announced the launch of its DeFi launchpad, Oceanpoint v0.5. According to the firm’s press release shared Wednesday, the new platform provides real estate tokenization startups with the tools they need to succeed, powered by Blocksquare’s utility token, BST.

Blocksquare’s utility token (BST) plays a central role within its Oceanpoint DeFi ecosystem. Users can stake BST and convert it to sBST, a governance token. BST holders can use their tokens to support promising real estate tokenization startups and earn rewards.

The launchpad also offers substantial discounts on Blocksquare’s SaaS solutions, fostering growth and efficiency for emerging ventures.

According to Denis Petrovcic, Co-founder and CEO of Blocksquare, real estate tokenization has transformative potential to streamline access to traditional asset investments.

“Over $100M in real estate assets in 21 countries across the globe is a clear signal to the industry that tokenizing RWAs like real estate holds immense value for creating a bridge to invest in traditional assets,” Petrovcic noted. “Together, our dynamic team, committed marketplace partners, and visionary BST holder community are driving revolution in real estate, through democratized investment.”

Established in 2017, Blocksquare’s Real Estate Tokenization Protocol provides a standardized method for digitizing the value of a single real estate property. The company aims to enable businesses to digitize the value of their properties, launch investment platforms, and connect investors to tokenized real estate deals.

Last year, Blocksquare successfully executed the world’s first notarized tokenization of a real estate property in the EU land registry. The event has increased the firm’s recognition and helped set a new standard for secure on-chain transactions.

Apart from the real estate tokenization protocol, Blocksquare offers a white-label marketplace and a DeFi bridge solution. The company expanded into decentralized finance with the launch of Oceanpoint in 2022, enabling real estate owners to access DeFi markets.

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