Solana Labs introduces Web3 gateway for luxury brands

Bond by Solana Labs offers brands a blockchain solution for authentic customer engagement.

Golden blockchain symbolizing Bond brand loyalty.

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Solana Labs announced a new platform for luxury brands called Bond, aimed at leveraging blockchain to offer personalized, transparent customer experiences that foster deeper connections and long-term loyalty.

According to the announcement, the platform addresses the disconnect between brands and consumers when products change hands, which can obscure customer data and hinder relationship building. Bond’s direct engagement capabilities, insights into consumer behavior, and blockchain-based authentication of goods enable brands to create tailored customer journeys and secure partnerships without compromising data privacy.

“Bond equips brands with the tools to deliver personalized experiences, foster trust, and cultivate enduring relationships with their customers,” shared Tal Tchwella, Head of Product at Solana Labs. “We’re thrilled to introduce Bond as a game-changer for brands seeking to improve their customer engagement strategies, allowing them to design bespoke loyalty programs and rewards that encourage repeat engagement and increase overall customer value.”

Bond also introduces new opportunities for digital collectibles, luxury goods authentication, digital product passports, and collaborative campaigns. It utilizes the Solana blockchain’s speed, scalability, and low costs to provide a frictionless user experience, making blockchain integration simple for brands without the need for blockchain expertise.

This development reinforces Solana’s role as an infrastructure for Web3 developments. On May 29th, PayPal chose Solana as the first blockchain to expand the offering of its stablecoin, the PYUSD. The network is already partnered with other significant payment players like Visa, Stripe, and Shopify.

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