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Bored.Ai Opens Text-to-Art Minting for the First Time

During the month-long mint, thousands of text-to-image artworks were created in the demo bot within Discord.

Bored.Ai Opens Text-to-Art Minting for the First Time

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Bored.Ai, the generative art AI by Tectona, has reached a milestone in its journey following the mint of its 10,000 MemberChip NFTs. During the month-long mint, thousands of text-to-image artworks were created by the community in the demo bot within Discord, with many individuals producing their own collections. The next phase of the project will reveal the exact MemberChip design and members will be able to use their MemberChips to mint authentic works of text-to-art based on their imagination and artistic style.

Bored.Ai Allows NFT Minting With Words

AI and NFTs are central to the convergence of reality and imagination in the Metaverse, and the next phase of the Bored.Ai journey opens up new possibilities of creation for all. Members of the Bored.Ai collective mint NFTs using their own words. Once a specific text description is used to mint a text-to-art, that description can no longer be used anymore, thus creating a race to mint the most exquisite phrases first. In addition to the community curators, many of whom have gone from novices to expert AI artists throughout the Bored.Ai journey, the Bored.Ai is generating interest amongst artists and galleries who aren’t afraid to experiment with new mediums.

Tectona’s COO, Beni Hakak, said:

“For the first time ever we’re seeing a boom of user-generated artworks at scale. Community members are pushing the envelope of AI-enabled creation and making some amazing works of art. I’m proud of the fact that anyone can join the Bored.Ai collective and start generating art with no technical knowledge needed.”

Bored.Ai is the brainchild of Tectona, Israel’s leading public company specializing in blockchain technology and digital assets, its co-founders are Guy BenArtzi, co-founder of Bancor, and a veteran NFT collector, Yariv Gilat, algorithmic trading pioneer and co-founder of Final, as well as Beni Hakak and Tal Muskal, COO and CTO of Tectona respectively who have a wealth of entrepreneurial and technical expertise across blockchain, AI and startups. Complementing the founders and team is a strong board consisting of industry stalwarts such as 0xb1, the CEO of DeFi protocol FODL, Lior.eth, founder of Eden Block VC, the founder of Ecko Unlimited and Complex Mark Ecko, and Bancor co-founder and serial entrepreneur Galia Ben Artzi.

The envisioned roadmap of Bored.Ai extends beyond text-to-image capabilities. Multidimensional images, videos, music, and other mediums of entertainment are just the tip of Bored.Ai’s creative potential. Together, the team, advisory board, and the community are shaping the vision of the Bored.Ai to bring artistic superpowers to the masses.

Tectona is a public company and an industry leader in the domain of blockchain-crypto and digital assets that specializes in developing innovative blockchain products, including NFTs, fundamental trading tools, and advanced algo trading strategies for its operations and partners in the Crypto, DeFi, and digital asset worlds.

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