Canada Experiencing Massive Telecommunications Outage

Emergency services, the banking sector, and government departments are all suffering from telecommunications giant Rogers’ downtime.

Canada Experiencing Massive Telecommunications Outage
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Key Takeaways

  • One of Canada’s main telecommunications company, Rogers, is currently experiencing downtime.
  • The outage is affecting various corners of Canadian society, including emergency services, financial networks, road infrastructure, government departments, police stations, and airports.
  • It’s the second time Rogers goes down in less than fifteen months.

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Canadian Internet provider Rogers Communications is suffering from a major outage that is impacting all corners of Canada, including services not directly related to the company, such as emergency services and the banking sector.

Canada Offline

Canadian telecommunications giant Rogers Communications is down, taking with it much of the nation’s telecommunications functionality.

The outage, which reportedly began at 8:30 A.M. UTC, is severely impacting wireless, cable, and internet customers across the country. Even services not directly controlled by Rogers are encountering issues.

Spillover effects from the outage have affected various sectors of Canadian society including emergency services, banks, financial institutions, government departments, police stations, airports, bridge infrastructure, and the border with the United States. The 911 service itself is still working properly though inaccessible through Rogers-affiliated devices or networks.

Rogers Communications is the leading internet provider in Ontario and along with two other companies (BCE and Telus) controls over 90% of the market share in Canada. This is the second outage the country has experienced from Rogers in the last two years.

The event may come as a sharp reminder to Canadians and onlookers of the risks posed by centralized service providers.

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