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Carbon Offsetting for Blockchains & Beyond: Regen Network Launches Carbon Marketplace

In addition to the Marketplace launch, Regen Network will be introducing the Nature Carbon Ton to the Interchain Economy

Carbon Offsetting for Blockchains & Beyond: Regen Network Launches Carbon Marketplace

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Regen Network Development released its marketplace application for tokenized carbon and ecological assets, Regen Marketplace. Regen Network allows carbon project developers to originate high-quality nature-based carbon credits to markets, catalyzing regenerative finance solutions to the climate crisis. Regen Marketplace takes advantage of Regen Ledger, the application-specific blockchain which brings transparency and public governance to voluntary carbon markets, built on the CosmosSDK.

A Blockchain For Carbon Offsetting

Regen Marketplace is a blockchain platform for the origination, governance, and exchange of tokenized ecological assets. Climate impact projects can define, manage, mint, and sell tokenized carbon and other ecological assets in the blockchain-based registry system.

Using Regen Marketplace, blockchains and validators striving to meet their climate commitments are encouraged to purchase, transfer, retire, and bundle tokenized carbon on the blockchain for carbon offsetting purposes, effectively removing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. Blockchain dApps are encouraged to export tokenized carbon for DeFi or consumer climate impact apps.

In addition to the Marketplace launch, Regen Network will be introducing the Nature Carbon Ton to the Interchain Economy.  NCT will be the first IBC-compatible carbon token for the Interchain economy by the soon-to-be launched Regen Ledger to Polygon bridge, co-implemented by Regen Network Development and Toucan Protocol. This allows for the activation of the Cosmos ZERO campaign, a climate impact initiative for Cosmos-ecosystem blockchains to become carbon neutral. In this campaign, Cosmos-based protocols work to identify their carbon footprints, utilize protocol governance to make a carbon neutral commitment, purchase Nature Carbon Ton from the $NCT:$REGEN pool launching on the Osmosis decentralized exchange, and redeem NCTs for ecocredits, retiring them on Regen Ledger for carbon offsetting claims.

Gregory Landua, CEO of Regen Network Development, said:

“The launch of the Regen Marketplace is a historical milestone in the global effort to address the climate crisis. Bringing more nature-based credits to a market hungry for a supply of high-quality carbon credits will help scale the global effort to reverse climate change. The underlying characteristics of this disruptive new marketplace are critical – radical transparency, community governance, and an open-source tech stack designed to rapidly expand and decentralize the global movement to reverse climate change. Regen Network is a neutral, sovereign appchain to serve the demands of the growing climate impact movement and market for nature-based carbon and ecological assets.”

Regen Network’s strategic launch partnership with City Forest Credits Registry (CFC) aims to kick-start a market for urban forest carbon credits by tokenizing and listing the 2021 City Forest Credits portfolio in Regen Marketplace.

As Regen Network onboards more partners to participate in the growing ecosystem of climate impact champions, like Moss.Earth, Open Earth Foundation, Earthbanc, ERA Brazil, Shamba Protocol, and Terra Genesis International, the protocol hopes to gain mainstream participation in the end-to-end lifecycle of seamlessly designing, tokenizing, and purchasing carbon credits to retire them for climate change impacts. Over 20 partners are currently designing new ecological assets within Regen Marketplace, giving consumers access to a climate-positive economic system. In 2020, Regen Network sold and retired over 120,000 CarbonPlus Grasslands credits to Microsoft for its Moonshot goal on the Regen Network blockchain.

Regen Network Development, Inc. is a blockchain software development company focused on building applications for ecological regeneration on the Regen Network blockchain. RND, Inc has been a maintainer of the CosmosSDK software stack since 2019.

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