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Carlos Prada Announces New Products for DeFi Agency MasterBlox

Carlos Prada has shared details of a string of new products that will operate under the MasterBlox banner.

Carlos Prada Announces New Products for DeFi Agency MasterBlox

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Portuguese financial analyst and crypto expert Carlos Prada has unveiled a major expansion of “masters of blockchain” agency MasterBlox. A full stack marketing company focused on the DeFi space, MasterBlox is the brainchild of blockchain evangelist and entrepreneur Prada, who saw a gap in the market for a turnkey solution.

Full Stack Marketing for Crypto Companies

The rapid pace of DeFi evolution has spawned a highly technical industry whose jargon, working practices, and products are alien to conventional marketing agencies. MasterBlox Ecosystem, the company’s flagship package, provides high-end crypto solutions for VCs, market makers, multi-chain protocols, and other entities within the DeFi space.

Carlos Prada has now shared details of a string of new products that will operate under the MasterBlox banner. The Lisbon-based crypto specialist has revealed that he is planning to acquire a VC fund to provide direct access to emerging DeFi projects. The startups that Prada adds to the firm’s portfolio will benefit from MasterBlox’ turnkey marketing service as well as mentoring from Prada himself.

In addition, Prada will be focused on developing an NFT bond project he has established that slots into the growing MasterBlox Ecosystem suite of products. This will comprise a real collateralized bond utilizing non-fungible tokens. Prada envisions the product as being applicable to sovereigns as well as to decentralized companies.

Carlos Prada explained:

“MasterBlox has been supporting the best up-and-coming crypto projects since 2017. The crypto industry is constantly reinventing itself and so marketing agencies need to follow suit if they’re to remain relevant. MasterBlox Ecosystem helps DeFi projects get the coverage they deserve and the liquidity they need to thrive. The suite of new products we’re developing will support these goals while keeping MasterBlox on the frontline of one of the most exciting tech verticals in the world.”

MasterBlox has been providing full stack marketing services to crypto companies since 2017. Based in Lisbon, the world’s new crypto Mecca, MasterBlox assists DeFi projects with marketing, market making, enhancing social impact, and much more.

Entrepreneur Carlos Prada is the CEO of Portugal’s first “DeFi Clinic”, MasterBlox. As a philanthropist, he’s committed through helping several decentralized projects in Africa both as a personal mission as well as a tribute to follow his mother mission as a Doctor without frontiers in the most remote zones of Africa.

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