Coca-Cola Brings First NFTs to Ethereum Metaverse

Coca-Cola will auction an NFT pack of four digital collectibles to commemorate International Friendship Day.

Coca-Cola Brings First NFTs to Ethereum Metaverse
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Key Takeaways

  • Coca-Cola will issue its first NFT collectibles to commemorate International Friendship Day on Jul. 30.
  • Inspired by video-game loot boxes, the NFT pack will include a Friendship Box packed with four 1-of-1 NFT collectibles, plus more surprises only to be revealed when the Box is opened.
  • Coca-Cola will donate all proceeds from the OpenSea auction to Special Olympics International.

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The auction will begin at 12:01 am UTC on Jul. 30, and close at 8:00 pm UTC on Aug. 2.

Coca-Cola Adopts NFT Technology

Coca-Cola is stepping into the NFT space. 

In collaboration with Tafi, a custom 3D content creator for virtual avatars, and Virtue, a creative agency born from Vice, the drinks brand is creating its first digital collectibles collection to commemorate International Friendship Day. Proceeds from the sale will go to Special Olympics International, Coca-Cola’s longstanding partner. Selman Careaga, president at Global Coca-Cola Trademark, said in a press release

“We are excited to share our first NFTs with the metaverse, where new friendships are being forged in new ways in new worlds, and to support our longstanding friend and partner, Special Olympics International. Each NFT was created to celebrate elements that are core to the Coca-Cola brand, reinterpreted for a virtual world in new and exciting ways.”

The NFT pack, called The Friendship Box, is inspired by “shared moments of friendship” and will be auctioned off at the NFT marketplace OpenSea as a single lot. It will contain four 1-of-1 multi-sensory NFTs plus exclusive mystery items revealed only to the winning bidder when the box is opened.

The Friendship Box, which is a rare NFT itself, is packaged as a loot box that “reimagines Coca-Cola’s highly collectible 1956 retro vending machines for the metaverse.” 

Packed in the Coca-Cola vintage cooler NFT are also The Sound Visualizer, an audio-based NFT capturing the experience of opening, pouring, and sharing a Coke drink, the Coca-Cola Friendship Card, an NFT reimagining the design of the brand’s famous friendship-inspired trading card from the 1940s, and perhaps the most interesting NFT of the bunch: the Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket, a futuristic take on the brand’s old delivery jacket uniforms. The jacket also features a unique 1-of-1 unlockable version that can be worn in Decentraland.

To celebrate the launch of the first Coca-Cola NFT auction, Decentraland is organizing a virtual “can-top” party in the metaverse featuring surprise guests to entertain the crowd.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this feature owned ETH and several other cryptocurrencies. 

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