Coinbase introduces new wallet solutions to simplify on-chain onboarding and empower builders

Base's developers won't have to create onboarding flows from scratch, saving time and resources by using Coinbase's products.

Coinbase Smart Wallet

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Crypto exchange Coinbase announced today the development of a set of wallet solutions, including ‘Smart Wallet’ and ‘Embedded Wallet,’ designed to make life easier for developers and users stepping into the blockchain world.

“To support developers in bringing billions of users onchain, we’re excited to share that Coinbase is building two new wallet solutions. Developers can now choose from a smart wallet solution created by Coinbase Wallet that can be used across many apps, or integrate an embedded, app-specific wallet powered by Wallet as a Service,” Coinbase wrote.

Recognizing that the steep learning curve and technical complexities like handling seed phrases, signing transactions, and dealing with gas fees can turn people away, Coinbase’s new offerings aim to streamline on-chain onboarding for new users and empower developers.

According to Coinbase, the Smart Wallet is the first of Coinbase’s two new offerings. It’s a neat addition to the Coinbase Wallet SDK, allowing instant creation of wallets within decentralized apps (dApps) by simply using a passkey.

Created to be universally compatible, the Smart Wallet allows users to hop between hundreds of EVM-compatible dApps already working with the Coinbase Wallet SDK. Additionally, developers can test this feature on the Base Sepolia testnet, giving them a head start on integrating this user-friendly option, as noted in Coinbase’s blog announcement.

The second offering is Embedded Wallets, powered by their Wallet as a Service (WaaS). This tool lets developers craft custom, embedded wallets that can be integrated directly into their apps using familiar login methods like email or social media. It’s all about making the crypto experience as smooth and unobtrusive as possible. Developers keen on exploring this option can sign up for early access to start creating more personalized user journeys within their apps, the firm said.

According to Coinbase, the Smart Wallet and Embedded Wallets each come with their own set of perks. The Smart Wallet offers simplicity, security, and portability, making it possible to set up a new wallet in moments — no additional apps or extensions are needed. The Embedded Wallets, meanwhile, promise smooth integration into apps with a focus on user control and security, backed by Coinbase’s trusted infrastructure.

Coinbase said that the firm is inviting feedback from the developer community on these new tools. Builders can contribute their insights and help refine these solutions, with the ultimate goal of welcoming a billion users onto the blockchain.

With these new wallet solutions, Coinbase is significantly pushing toward removing the barriers to blockchain adoption. By prioritizing user-friendly design and seamless integration, these solutions pave the way for a future where interacting with blockchain technology becomes effortless for everyone.

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