CoinMarketCap Launches New Mobile Apps

Finally, another way to get your FOMO on...

CoinMarketCap Launches CMC Mobile App

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There’s bad news for hardcore hodlers and spousal phubbers. CoinMarketCap, the leading resource for cryptocurrency prices and analytics, has launched a new mobile service that could make it even harder to put down your phone.

CMC revealed its first Android app this morning, along with a revamp of the iOS version. Both applications introduce features that were not previously available in the desktop version, such as price alerts, candlestick charts and side-by-side crypto comparisons.

The new application also introduces user profiles, allowing users to create and track their own portfolio and watchlists. These profiles can also be synced across devices, making it even easier obsess over the latest price movements.

These applications will use the same API technology that drives CMC’s desktop site and partner site, explains Carylyne Chan, Global Head Of Marketing at CoinMarketCap.

CMC: Not Just Market Caps Anymore

The new offerings are likely to give a bigger picture of the state of the market, a significant improvement for a site which previously relied on a one-dimensional metric. As Crypto Briefing has previously observed, market capitalization is an extremely imperfect measure for digital currencies, even when it can be accurately calculated.

The new offerings are likely to rebuff that critique. “[W]e are actively working on adding new metrics to help users slice and dice the volumes – and those will be made available on both the site and the apps,” Ms. Chan said. “[O]ur role isn’t to censor data, but to over-provide data and let users make their own decisions, so this is also the approach that we’re taking with the volume concerns.”

In order to fulfill this role, CoinMarketCap is seeking to “over-provide” far more data, including new metrics for cryptocurrency projects like website traffic, order book depth, and wallet addresses, in order to make accurate assessments about specific exchanges.

The new mobile apps are available from the Apple Store and Google Play, as well as the CoinMarketCap website.

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