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COS.TV’s NFT Function Gains Popularity Among Creators in the Americas as Fan Management Tool

The COS.TV Brazilian community created a limited 200 pieces NFT Profile Picture collection called “COSUnited” to celebrate the FIFA World Cup.

COS.TV’s NFT Function Gains Popularity Among Creators in the Americas as Fan Management Tool

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Contentos Foundation, a content blockchain project invested by Binance Labs, has achieved remarkable results in expanding COS.TV, a Web3 content platform created by Contentos Foundations, in the American market this year. COS.TV continues to attract users in the Americas, and is especially popular with creators in the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking markets. On COS.TV, which is built using blockchain technology, users can watch videos, leave comments, send gifts to creators and receive rewards in the form of COS tokens. The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) content resolution function also allows users to directly participate in platform content management and receive token rewards for their contributions.


In October, COS.TV launched an “NFT Profile Picture” function, designed to be a convenient tool for creators to authenticate and manage their fan communities. Recently, the COS.TV Brazilian community leveraged this function and created a limited 200 pieces NFT Profile Picture collection called “COSUnited” to celebrate the FIFA World Cup in Qatar with the global community. The World Cup-themed NFT collection was received enthusiastically by global users with many holders using the NFTs as their COS.TV “NFT Profile Picture”.

COS.TV currently has more than 200 verified top creators, and they have been exploring using NFTs as a way to reward and engage with their fans. “Voepa”, a well-known Brazilian crypto influencer, is the first top influencer to launch a VIP NFT collection with the support of COS.TV. Voepa is a well-known KOL in the Portuguese-speaking cryptocurrency market and joined COS.TV in 2019. In 2020, Voepa created a custom “emoji” pack on COS.TV that was bought by more than 50,000 of his followers. This year, Voepa is planning to issue 25 limited edition 3D NFTs, which will be bid out to fans that actively use the “NFT Profile Picture” function on COS.TV.

Voepa stated:

“My followers on COS.TV are almost all Web3 and cryptocurrency users, and they are also fans who have followed me for many years. Fans who hold these 25 NFTs will be able to receive exclusive content, cryptocurrency information, market analysis, and consulting from my team. I think the best part of COS.TV is its ability to empower my NFT community through its functions and services. Thanks to COS.TV’s support, the bidding for my NFTs went smoothly and gave me a lot of confidence to continue to operate my channel”.

Another creator, “Teacher Kelly”, who became popular on COS.TV for her English teaching videos will design and release 15 “Teacher Hurricane” NFTs. Teacher Kelly will invite followers to create videos, upload them on COS.TV, and bid for her NFTs using gifting votes. To further empower Teacher Kelly, who is the first woman creator to issue her own NFTs, COS.TV is planning to gift holders of the NFTs with higher rates from the Contentos VEST loan program.

COS.TV has established itself as an active Web3 application in this new and emerging Web3 market by laying its foundation in Southeast Asia and expanding into the US market.

Contentos Foundation Co-Founder & CEO, Mick Tsai, said that the next milestone for COS.TV is user acquisition in the US and European regions. He stated:

“We believe a creator-centric content platform that is built on Web3 foundations is the future and best starting point for emerging creators. With the Contentos Mainnet in operation for three years and recently reaching a block height of 100 million blocks, the Contentos Foundation is continuing to grow steadily. With the support of our community, we hope to accelerate the growth of our communities in the US and European regions.”

Beyond the Americas and Europe, Contentos Foundation is expanding into the Metaverse through its COS.SPACE Metaverse, will hold its first beta test of “COS.SPACE REALITY” at the end of this year. Mick further stated the purpose of building COS.SPACE is to expand use cases for the Web3 creator economy, stating that “This is what we must do”.

The vision of Contentos is to build a decentralized digital content community that allows content to be freely produced, distributed, rewarded, and traded, while protecting author rights. Contentos strives to incentivize content creation and global diversity and return the rights and value of content to users.

A decentralized video platform, COS.TV is built on top of the Contentos mainnet, which now serves over one million global users monthly around the world. Creators can earn not just block rewards with their videos but can also receive direct support from fans via watching ads or sending ‘gifting votes.’ These revenue models generate profit for creators and the COS.TV platform just like ads on YouTube today.

In 2022, Contentos released a roadmap to build a metaverse around content creation and consumption. Starting with COS.SPACE ‘virtual real estate,’ Contentos’ metaverse will be a place where COS.TV users can create their virtual home experience.

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