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CAW meme coin soars almost 600% in one week

The token CAW moved nearly $14 million on Monday, with most of its trading volume being on BitMart.

Crow-themed meme coin soars almost 600% in one week

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The meme coin crow with knife (CAW) rose by almost 600% in the past seven days and is the crypto asset with the most significant growth in this period, according to data aggregator CoinGecko. The token is deployed on Cronos, the blockchain related to the crypto exchange

CAW was created on March 14 and didn’t see much upside until April 26. The reason behind the upside could be related to the token listing on app on the same day, prompting 370% growth in 24 hours.

Crow-themed meme coin soars almost 600% in one week
CAW price variation in the past seven days. Image: CoinGecko

On the next day, the CAW profile on X shared that April 27 is known as “Crow and Raven Appreciation Day,” although it didn’t help with the price. The upward movement was resumed on April 28, leading to the current all-time high registered three hours before the time of writing.

Moreover, CAW leads with a comfortable margin when compared to the token with the second largest growth within the week, which is the token POLIS with its 174% leap. CAW sits now at over $71 million in fully diluted value, with a daily trading volume close to $14 million transacted mostly on crypto exchange BitMart.

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