Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur Fernando Pérez Algaba Found Dead in Argentina

Algaba, 41, known in his social media sphere as Lechuga, had built his fortune through luxury vehicle rentals and cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur Fernando Pérez Algaba Found Dead in Argentina

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Argentine authorities have launched an investigation into the death of Fernando Pérez Algaba, a millionaire entrepreneur and crypto influencer, following the discovery of his dismembered body in Buenos Aires Province, Argentinan news site El Pais, reported.

Algaba, a Spainiard who had an extensive following of 900,000 on Instagram, had been residing in Argentina for a week before his murder. Police identified him by his fingerprints and tattoos, revealing that he was shot three times before his body was dismembered:

“Pérez Algaba, nicknamed Lechuga, had almost one million followers on Instagram, where he promoted luxury car rentals and investments in cryptocurrencies. The main hypothesis of the investigation is that he was the victim of a settling of scores over his debts.”

An influential figure in the cryptocurrency arena, Algaba’s entrepreneurial journey began with selling sandwiches at 14. He eventually accumulated his fortune through cryptocurrency trading and a luxury vehicle rental service. His passion for luxury vehicles led him to amass an impressive collection of high-end cars, motorcycles and jet skis.

However, Algaba’s success story was marred by financial distress. His company, Motors Lettuce SRL, was reportedly bouncing checks less than a year after its inception in 2018. He also had irrecoverable debts with Argentina’s tax agency:

Algaba’s involvement with the infamous gang, Barra Bravas, has come under scrutiny following a note on his phone indicating “that he had lost a lot of money invested in a cryptocurrency business:”

“He had also crossed threats with the son of one of the main leaders of the barra brava of Boca Juniors, who demanded a loan of US$40,000.”

His brother, Rodolfo Pérez Algaba, however, insists that despite his financial problems, Algaba was not involved in any illicit activities.

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