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CryptoTanks Partners With CoinFantasy to Accelerate Blockchain-Based Crypto Gaming Ecosystem

Crypto Tanks is an innovative Play-2-Earn game that brings a lot of NFT gameplay aspects.

CryptoTanks Partners With CoinFantasy to Accelerate Blockchain-Based Crypto Gaming Ecosystem

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CryptoTanks, an NFT-based play-to-earn shooting game with a retro design, today announced a partnership with the decentralized fantasy gaming platform CoinFantasy.

CryptoTanks is Set to Launch this Spring

The partnership will expand the genre of games available on CoinFantasy, the creator of a gaming platform for crypto stock markets using Non-Fungible Tokens and based on play-to-earn. CoinFantasy is aiming to revolutionize crypto gaming using blockchain technology. It boasts a full GameFi ecosystem with different categories of fantasy trading games that allow users to compete & win rewards. Besides it would be launching a lot of defi elements such as lending, borrowing & Insurance in their phase 2.

It also rewards game creators and players through a unique NFT mechanism as they level up & reach certain levels in the platform.

As a fully decentralized fantasy gaming platform, CoinFantasy provides users with the opportunity to learn about different asset classes such as crypto, stock markets, derivatives and more in a fun way, playing games while they learn. Other features in CoinFantasy include social trading, a metaverse-based financial hub and NFT cards that can be minted and used to give players an advantage in their favorite play-to-earn games.

Crypto Tanks is an NFT-based game that’s set to launch this spring. Players will be able to earn rewards while playing a restored version of the iconic 1990s’ “Battle City” shoot-em-up with 8-bit graphics that achieved cult status in the history of video games. As a modernized version of the hit retro game, CryptoTanks will take the experience to another level with new features, tanks, maps and locations, as well as an innovative economic environment that makes it possible to play-to-earn.

By partnering with CoinFantasy, CryptoTanks will gain access to CoinFantasy’s community of thousands of avid games players who are keen to find new opportunities to play to earn. It will be a mutually beneficial relationship, with CryptoTanks adding to the appeal of CoinFantasy’s platform with an entirely new genre of game, based on an iconic hit title from the Nintendo GameBoy era.

Max V., co-founder of CryptoTanks, said:

“We loved the idea of CoinFantasy and we are excited to partner with them, as we look to enrich CryptoTanks with more and more features.”

Harishkarthik Gunalan, co-founder of CoinFantasy, added:

“Crypto Tanks is an innovative Play-2-Earn game that brings a lot of NFT gameplay aspects. We are excited to partner with them to explore synergies.”

CryptoTanks is a Play To Earn platform where every NFT is 100% usable in the gamified DeFi ecosystem. With Tank NFTs, users can earn yield and play games to earn money. The platform is partially owned and operated by its players. Earn Tanks tokens by playing and use them to decide the future of the game! Beautiful design, big guaranteed prizes brought to users with gamified yield farming.

CoinFantasy is the World’s first Play-2-Earn fantasy gaming platform for crypto-stock markets.  It is a unique ZERO loss game play  in which users earn money just by playing more games. They aim to gamify the crypto-stock markets through the portfolio fantasy gaming in which anybody can build a lineup of crypto/stocks and outsmart the opponents to win rewards. As users’ level up in the platform, they will be able to mint rare NFTs that give bonus points in the game. Besides these NFTs can be used to get exclusive access in their metaverse.

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