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DApp industry reaches milestone with 5.3 million daily active wallets: Report

The growth in daily active wallets was propelled by gaming activity, while KAI-CHING is the dApp with more usage.

DApp industry reaches milestone with 5.3 million active wallets daily: Report

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The decentralized application (dApp) sector reached a new milestone in January, recording 5.3 million daily Unique Active Wallets (dUAW), an 18% increase from the previous month. According to a Feb. 1 report by DappRadar, this peak is the highest since 2022, indicating continued growth in the industry, further fueled by expectations surrounding the upcoming Bitcoin halving event and its potential to spark a bull market.

Gaming dApps continue to lead with a stable 1.5 million dUAW, mirroring December’s performance. The DeFi sector also maintains its traction with 1 million dUAW, while the NFT sector showed 4% growth last month, achieving 697,959 dUAW.

The social dApp category witnessed a remarkable 262% surge, beginning the month with 868,091 dUAW, driven significantly by platforms such as CARV and Dmail Network. Among blockchain networks, Near stands out with the highest number of UAW, closely followed by the BNB Chain.

DApp industry reaches milestone with 5.3 million active wallets daily: Report
Blockchains with the most activity in January. Image: DappRadar

KAI-CHING continues to be the leading dApp by UAW, according to DappRadar’s analysis of the top 10 dApps for January. Built on Near, KAI-CHING is a shopping dApp that utilizes artificial intelligence to give users a personalized experience.

This is followed by motoDEX and the emerging gaming platform, Sleepless AI, which has rapidly climbed to third place since its inception. The presence of Play Ember and Joyride Games’ Flow-based Trickshot Blitz highlights the increasing influence of Web3 gaming in the dApp ecosystem.

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