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Dodgers Save The Rainforest: Baseball Collectibles Go Blockchain

LA Dodgers Take Baseball Cards To The Blockchain With Crypto Collectibles

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Major League Baseball might get about forty thousand new hodlers. The Los Angeles Dodgers have announced the first giveaway of digital collectibles in the history of baseball and, most likely, the first crypto giveaway in professional sports. 

Spectators will have the chance to participate in “Digital Bobblehead Night” during the Dodgers vs. Padres game on September 21, according to a release published on the Dodgers’ blog. According to the release, “the first 40,000 ticketed fans in attendance will receive a card with a unique code and directions to a website where a digital bobblehead can be unlocked and added to their Ethereum wallet.”

The collectible baseball players will be evenly divided between Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, and Justin Turner. 

“We’re excited for our first-ever Crypto giveaway, and to explore an entirely new marketplace with our fanbase,” said Dodgers CMO Lon Rosen, in the statement. “We hope this piques the interest of Dodger fans, and will help launch a new age of digital collectibles and promotions.”

The “bobbleheads” appear to be part of a league-wide game to tokenize players . Collectible baseball cards have been revamped for the 21st century, with players represented by blockchain tokens rather than actual paper.

Digital collectibles are rising in popularity, particularly among a public that is still intimidated by the swings of “serious” cryptocurrencies. We’ve previously covered NPR’s experiment with CryptoKitties, which, like MLB players, are represented by non-fungible Ethereum tokens.

While some were pleased with the apparent move towards adoption, the reaction on Twitter was decidedly mixed:

While we’re pleased to see the Dodgers getting into crypto, we strongly advise them to keep their private keys safe. At least that way they can stop something from being stolen. 

The author has investments in Ethereum. 

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