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EMURGO Unveils New Blockchain Explorer For Cardano

Seiza will add value to the wider Cardano project as Shelley goes online.

Emurgo Reveals Seiza Cardano Explorer

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EMURGO, the official commercial arm of Cardano (ADA), has today announced the upcoming release of a new blockchain explorer, which will allow users to monitor ADA transactions and check the balance of wallet addresses.

Known as Seiza – derived from the Japanese for ‘constellation’ – the new blockchain explorer will allow users to easily navigate around the Cardano network. EMURGO, which announced the news at the IOHK conference in Miami, expects to launch Seiza sometime before the end of May.

There have been more than a million transactions on Cardano, with more than 7.3trn ADA, since the genesis block in September 2017. 2.4M blocks have since been validated and there are roughly 1.2M live wallet addresses.

Although other Cardano blockchain explorers exist, EMURGO says Seiza will come with additional functionality and features which will enhance the overall user experience and make it easier to track and trace transactions as well as find data on specific blocks.

Seiza Shelley: A Heavenly Match

Seiza’s upcoming launch compliments the news that Cardano is about to release the Shelley protocol, which will allow ADA holders to stake tokens and earn passive rewards for validating transactions.

Shelley has been one of the most highly anticipated network updates, and will allow Cardano to become a fully Proof-of-Stake blockchain. The Seiza explorer will provide users with real-time data from these stake pools.

EMURGO is one of the three organizations responsible for the Cardano ecosystem. In addition to EMURGO, IOHK is responsible for developing the blockchain itself, and the Cardano Foundation distributes ICO funds and supports projects interested in developing on the blockchain.

“EMURGO is fully committed to providing valuable utility to the Cardano community,” said Nicolas Arqueros, CTO of EMURGO. “Seiza is an essential user-friendly tool that EMURGO was eager to develop to further the advancement of the Cardano ecosystem.”

“I am excited to see that EMURGO has developed such a useful and innovative product for the Cardano community,” said Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK. “The ability to have transparency is a vital function for the Cardano blockchain protocol and Seiza delivers this in an amazing way for users.” 

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