Equinoz’s ‘Cybernetics’ Was Sold Out in 4 Minutes on PlayNomm NFT Marketplace

The artwork was sold out at its highest buyout of $16,000 in 4 minutes.

Equinoz’s ‘Cybernetics’ Was Sold Out in 4 Minutes on PlayNomm NFT Marketplace

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On January 31st, on the PlayNomm NFT marketplace, Equinoz’s (one of Superchief Gallery NFT artists) artwork recorded a sell-out 4 minutes into the auction, through the artist’s all-time high buyout price.

The PlayNomm Pre-drop Event

As a second pre-drop edition of the upcoming “NFT Korea Festival” in March, Equinoz’s ‘Cybernetics’ was revealed and started a 7-day auction on January 31st. The auction was supposed to be carried out until February 8th. However, just 4 minutes into the auction, this artwork was bought out by a collector for 40,120 LM, equivalent to US$ 16,937, ending the auction.

Equinoz is a 3D artist who creates delicate and intertwined images between virtual and reality, under the theme of “Visible Future”. He is an active artist selling on many other NFT platform such as Open Sea and Super Rare, and also works in various fields such as games, commercial videos, music, clothing brands, etc

As a pre-event of the NFT Korea Festival, three NFT auction is held on PlayNomm NFT marketplace. The 1st drop was Shavonne Wong’s ‘Light in the Shadow’ which was sold for 65,800LM, the equivalent of US$26,776. As the 2nd drop, Equinoz’s ‘Cybernetics’, has achieved an early sell-out with a high buy-out price, expectations are growing for the 3rd auction starting on February 16th with the artwork of Davey Perkins.

The NFT Korea Festival is to be held on March 7th and 8th 2023, at DDP, Seoul. A collaboration with Superchief Gallery NFT, this will be one of the largest gatherings of the NFT industry and Web3 leaders in Asia. There will be over 120 pieces of NFT artwork from 120 Global and Korean NFT artists on display, renowned Web3 leaders sharing their thoughts and views, and many more exciting events at the festival.

The NFT marketplace 2.0 PlayNomm is the first service platform of LeisureMetaverse project. It is evaluated as having unique tokenomics, based on an Act To Earn (A2E) reward model, and combining the utilities that can be used in real life.

Moon Seong-eok, CEO of PlayNomm, said:

“We have experienced a lot of interest and sold out for our 1st and 2nd limited pre-drop, even in this crypto winter. We could tell that users are still very interested in NFTs. So, starting with the NFT Korea Festival at DDP in March, PlayNomm will make a step in expanding the NFT ecosystem and becoming the global NFT Hub.”

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