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Ethereum Game Hides Almost $1 Million in Crypto Bounties

Ethereum-based Game Age of Rust will launch on Steam in March. Players will have a shot at nabbing $929,000 worth of crypto, based on today’s prices.

Ethereum Game Hides Almost $1 Million in Crypto Bounties
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Key Takeaways

  • Age of Rust is set to launch on Steam on March 19. The game will use the Enjin protocol on Ethereum.
  • The developers have hidden 24 Bitcoin and 370,000 Enjin Coin inside the game, worth $929,000.
  • The biggest bounty is 20 Bitcoin. Others are hidden inside NFTs.

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After years of development, Age of Rust is set to launch on Steam in March. Due to rising crypto prices, prize bounties hidden inside the game are now worth almost $1 million. 

Huge Crypto Bounties for Gamers

Age of Rust is launching on Steam in March, and early players have a chance at landing a huge windfall. SpacePirate Games has revealed that the game contains 24 Bitcoin and 370,000 Enjin Coin in crypto bounties, worth a massive $929,000 today. 

Age of Rust is a sci-fi action game that explores a vast 250,000 km2 digital universe. Its central theme is humanity fighting against a class of AI robots called Mechs.

Humans lost the war, but encrypted the code preventing Mechs from immortality at the last moment,” the game’s description reads. 

The game uses the Enjin protocol and runs on Ethereum. It’s been in development since 2014 and aims to be something of an “immersive educational blockchain experience.” SpacePirate Games caught the attention of crypto insiders when they launched a popular cryptographic puzzle game. They began working on Age of Rust the same year. 

They set aside 24 Bitcoin for a crypto bounty within the game, which was worth around $20,000 at the time. Today, 24 Bitcoin is worth $794,400. “We had no idea that it would grow to become such a huge bounty so fast,” SpacePirate Games Chris LoVerme said. 

The prize pool also includes 370,000 Enjin Coin, which has experienced a parabolic run in 2021. It’s up over 200% since the start of January. 

The biggest bounty is for 20 Bitcoin, worth $662,000. SpacePirate Games says that it’s hidden “at the end of the three seasons,” while the remaining 4 Bitcoin and 35,000 smaller NFT bounties can be found throughout the game.

The Enjin Coin crypto bounties will take the form of an ERC-1155 token. An ERC-1155 token can contain multiple different tokens within one smart contract and execute a smart contract function by sending a token to an address. It differs from the ERC-721 standard, commonly used for digital art and other types of NFT. 

Enjin Protocol has previously been used to lock 10 million Enjin Coin inside games like Age of Rust. 

Age of Rust launches on Steam on March 19. It’s priced at $14.99.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this feature owned ETH, among a number of other cryptocurrencies.

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