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Learn More Foundation partners with Deutsche Telekom to advance AI and blockchain synergy

MMS by Deutsche Telekom to secure blockchain as a validator for enhanced efficiency. Foundation partners with Deutsche Telekom to advance AI and blockchain synergy

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Deutsche Telekom has announced its partnership with the Foundation, an organization co-founded by Bosch and aimed at fostering the development of AI and Web3 solutions. The telecommunications company became the first corporate partner of the Foundation.

The collaboration also includes Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary MMS, which will act as a validator for the blockchain, a decentralized network. MMS’s role as a validator is crucial for ensuring the security and efficiency of the network, which leverages AI-driven autonomous agents to streamline and secure transactions across various sectors, including healthcare and automotive.

“The collaboration between Deutsche Telekom, and Bosch is groundbreaking and combines industrial applications with the Internet of Things. Autonomous agents will automate industrial services, simplify processes and make them secure and scalable thanks to blockchain technology,” says Dirk Röder, Head of the Web3 Infrastructure & Solutions Team at Deutsche Telekom MMS. is built on Cosmos infrastructure and is an open-source platform that promotes the integration of blockchain and AI, enabling transformative industry applications.

“This partnership is a significant milestone for Through research, development and practical application of agents, AI and decentralized Web3 technologies, real-world use cases can be integrated to enhance the existing network,” says Humayun Sheikh, CEO of

MMS,, and Bosch will be present at the innovation event Bosch Connected Experience (BCX), on February 28 and 29, which will have a hackathon aimed at fostering the growth of IoT technologies. According to the announcement made by, BCX participants will already be able to create new ideas using the blockchain.

“For Bosch, the collaboration with Deutsche Telekom is an important step in advancing the topic of AI and Web3.” In addition to Bosch’s automotive expertise, Deutsche Telekom is contributing its infrastructure and expertise as a telecommunications provider to the Foundation,” concludes Peter Busch, Head of Distributed Ledger Technology Mobility at Bosch and Chair of the Board of the Foundation.

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