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Flare teams up with Hypernative to combat zero-day exploits

Hypernative's preemptive tech has detected over 270 potential web3 attacks.

Flare Hypernative Security Partnership

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Flare has announced the integration of Hypernative, a leader in proactive web3 security, into its ecosystem. This strategic move equips Flare with advanced defenses against zero-day cyber-attacks, alerting the network to imminent risks and vulnerabilities.

Designed to stay ahead of web3 exploits, Hypernative’s cutting-edge technology continuously identifies potential weaknesses across assets, protocols, and applications, as Flare shared in a Thursday press release. Hypernative’s unique architecture provides “always-on” monitoring, crucial for proactive risk and attack detection, enabling immediate action to prevent losses.

The platform has already detected over 270 exploits, potentially saving the industry $14 billion in damages. For example, it detected a flashloan attack targeting lending protocol Hundred Finance just one hour before the hack in late April and a separate attack on Yearn Finance in less than two hours of lead time.

Hugo Philion, Co-founder of Flare & CEO of Flare Labs, shared Flare’s mission to enhance its ecosystem security. He stated:

“Flare has been architected with enshrined oracles to support high transaction value use cases, including DeFi and AI. Hypernative’s monitoring on Flare will help provide applications and their users with an additional layer of defense against potential exploits. Our aim is to provide the highest level of security possible, so institutions, builders and community members have the confidence to engage with decentralized applications on the network.”

Gal Sagie, co-founder and CEO of Hypernative, emphasized the necessity of a new security standard in web3 that goes beyond traditional audits and bounty.

“It’s really encouraging to see leading protocols like Flare take a global approach to security and implement active strategies that protect their entire ecosystem,” said Sagie.

With Hypernative’s proven track record in protecting some of the most advanced platforms, over 290 projects on the Flare network will benefit from real-time, proactive warnings to prevent and minimize damage from sophisticated attacks.

The collaboration with Hypernative underscores Flare’s dedication to providing the highest level of security for its users, enabling them to confidently engage with decentralized applications on the network, according to Flare.

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