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Fleek teams up with Polygon Labs to boost on-chain cloud solutions

Fleek testnet outperforms AWS with faster, cost-effective web services.

Golden Fleek-Polygon logo symbolizing onchain cloud collaboration.

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Computing platform Fleek has joined hands with Polygon Labs to provide web services for Polygon CDK projects. According to today’s announcement, the strategic partnership aims to deliver a new class of highly performant, permissionless web services built atop Fleek’s on-chain cloud infrastructure. Additionally, Fleek unveiled its first public testnet.

“We are thrilled to team up with Polygon Labs and help provide Polygon CDK developers with onchain alternatives for their cloud infrastructure needs,” said Harrison Hines, CEO at Fleek. “The goal is to develop web services that provide real benefits from both a decentralization and self-sovereignty perspective, as well as from a performance, cost, and developer experience perspective.”

Fleek’s infrastructure has demonstrated a time to first byte (TTFB) of 37.02 milliseconds in its testnet trials, outpacing AWS Lambdas and Vercel Serverless, the announcement stated.

Furthermore, the collaboration is set to address the limitations of current cloud platforms, offering a cost-effective, censorship-resistant, and secure alternative. Fleek’s global network of web infrastructure operators is designed to reduce costs significantly by eliminating human-related factors and providing scalable infrastructure without the need for extensive DevOps.

“Accessibility, democracy, and freedom of choice are among the core principles of Web3, and Fleek’s vision aligns with this ethos. By offering Polygon CDK developers more freedom in which tools they prefer for their cloud infrastructure needs, the Polygon network will become even more flexible and diverse—accelerating the evolution and maturation of the blockchain space as a whole,” noted Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder at Polygon Labs.

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