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Polkadot's Web3 gaming ecosystem expands with launch of 'Forever Has Fallen'

The new Web3 metaverse game introduces NFT ticketing system using Unique Network's infrastructure.

Polkadot's Web3 gaming ecosystem expands with launch of 'Forever Has Fallen'

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Metaverse Web3 game Forever Has Fallen has officially launched on the Unique Network today, combining elements of storytelling and monetization. Players can engage with the game as Bounty Hunters in a digital universe, collecting clues, interacting with characters on social media, and discovering ‘easter eggs’, all while solving puzzles that contribute to their progression in the game.

Unique is a part of the Polkadot ecosystem, where they created the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called Bounty Hunter Tickets (BHTs), which unlock different experiences within the game. These tickets can be earned and sold in the marketplace, with the current record for the fastest mint at 4,930 NFTs per minute, ensuring a seamless experience for newcomers to Web3.

“After eight years of dedicated research and development, we are thrilled to unveil ‘Forever Has Fallen’ to the world,” said Kimon Lycos, Head of Creative at Forever Has Fallen. “Our journey, from initial concept validation with 2,000 pilot fans to the creation of our pioneering ticketing system by Unique Network, has been incredibly rewarding. Now, fans can immerse themselves in our story-driven metaverse as Bounty Hunters, sharing their passion and expanding the game through our novel ticketing model.”

Lycos further explained the potential impact of the game on future entertainment models, likening the experience to leaving a movie theater with tickets that can be sold to others. The game’s narrative centers around the collapse of The Forever Social, a corporation that promised digital immortality, and the ensuing chaos as players race to uncover the truth behind the accusations against Swedish billionaire Karl-Axel Mattiasson.

The team behind ‘Forever Has Fallen’ also shared on the announcement that, as the game continues to evolve, more features aimed at fostering a strong community through voting, events, and a marketplace for creating and sharing content are anticipated.

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