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Galxe DAO proposes to change token symbol from 'GAL' to 'G'

The proposal aims to enhance brand identity and user clarity.

Galxe DAO proposes to change token symbol

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Galxe DAO has put forward a proposal to change its token symbol from ‘GAL’ to ‘G,’ as part of a broader token contract migration effort. The proposal, introduced by community contributor Steven Lei last Wednesday, seeks to solidify the organization’s brand identity, reduce confusion in the crypto market, and enhance community involvement.

The proposal outlines several key benefits, including a simplified brand identity through the adoption of a single-letter symbol, which could lead to greater visibility and distinction for Galxe in a crowded marketplace. It also addresses the issue of brand confusion caused by the current GAL symbol, which has led to misassociations and errors in transactions.

By moving to ‘G’, Galxe aims to provide clear branding that resonates with the community and aids in the onboarding of new users.

According to Lei, “Adopting a single-letter symbol, ‘G’, is grounded in the aspiration for a more streamlined and instantly recognizable brand presence.” He also noted the importance of this change in preparing for future growth and ensuring the branding strategy is in line with upcoming expansions and integrations in the crypto industry.

The community’s response to the proposal has been so far positive with 99% of votes in favor of the proposal. The vote will end on April 27.

Snapshot vote Galxe DAO

If the proposal is accepted, the Galxe team is expected to collaborate with stakeholders to develop a detailed plan that includes timelines, technical roadmaps, and potential adjustments to the tokenomics.

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