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Learn More Announces Launch of Mirror World NFTs on NFT Box

Mirror World is a perfect blend of a virtual playground, a fun game experience, and a source of real-world rewards. Announces Launch of Mirror World NFTs on NFT Box

Share this article, has announced the upcoming listing of Mirror World NFTs, on its NFT marketplace, set to launch in June 1st, 2022.

The Mirror Gen2 NFT

Mirror World is a game matrix with AI-powered virtual beings (the Mirrors), fighting along with the players in the game universe. Mirrors are fully interoperable with all the play-to-earn games in our matrix. This means that anyone with a pass can use it to access any of them.

Among the existing game world designs, Mirror World includes an ARPG that combines Roguelike gameplay, a casual PVP-based arena dueling game; and an SLG-based game.

Mirror World is a perfect blend of a virtual playground, a fun game experience, and a source of real-world rewards. The Mirror NFT is the world’s first intelligent NFT, with each NFT designed to have its unique characteristics, exclusive attributes, and ranks. With the AI-driven Soul, Mirror NFTs are dynamic and interactive allow holders to connect to the whole game ecosystem. Currently, all 11,000 Mirrors for Generation Assets have been sold out and activated for trading.

The NFT collection contains 3 factions: Vida, Xeon and Nova, and within each faction, Mirror can be minted in Common, Rare, Elite, Legendary, and Mythical rarities, and these AI-Powered Assets can be used in the Mirror World Matrix.

The Mirror Gen2 NFT, which will be launched on, is priced at $50 for a quantity of 528 units. Mirror NFT is a core asset within Mirror World and serves the following purposes:

• One pass to Mirror World Matrix (3+ play-to-earn games release in 2022)

• Intelligent virtual beings with independent personalities

• Mirror World in-game governance

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