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Learn More is Leading The Way for Institutional Investors in 2022 Institutional Services is one of’s primary services and is offered to VIP clients globally. is Leading The Way for Institutional Investors in 2022

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The institutional appetite for crypto is stronger than ever, with Bitcoin and Ethereum proving themselves to be strong stores of value as 2022 progresses. As such, more and more hedge funds and other traditional financial institutions have warmed up to the very idea of cryptocurrencies. However, this increased interest comes with increased responsibility.

Regulators continually scrutinize financial institutions, and they are answerable to their clients. So, they prefer to deal with exchanges that have deep liquidity and a reputation for security and transparency. Because of these reasons, is the ideal exchange for institutional clients going into 2022. and GIS

Founded in 2013, is one of the oldest crypto exchanges in the world. It is currently one of the top 10 exchanges globally by trading volume 24-hour open interest, providing its clients with leading crypto services featuring high-quality and high-return crypto assets. Institutional Services is one of’s primary services and is offered to VIP clients globally. These VIP clients include hedge funds, market makers, high-frequency traders, and other institutional clients. is already collaborating with several well-established firms like Tower Research, Banxa, and Nibbio. What does GIS offer its VIP clients? The clients can access co-location opportunities, enabling them to avail low latencies for their trading strategies. Institutions are also supported by high-frequency rates for orders and cancellations offered by GIS.

GIS offers its clients access to over 1,300 tokens and cryptocurrencies, coupled with a complete suite of crypto products for traders such as futures and options, ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund), spot trading, leveraged trading, and quant trading. It also offers its clients trading opportunities in secured lending, yield-driven products, and liquidity mining. A deep liquidity pool backs all of the services offered by GIS. Currently, GIS hosts 10 million users on its platform, with over $12 billion worth of transactions completed every day. offers its clients bespoke solutions such as over-the-counter (OTC) services and high-volume loans that can be secured across different trading platforms, accounts, and currencies. A variable fee schedule ensures that higher trading volumes result in lower fees, with fees going as low as -0.025% in futures. In addition to all of the products and services mentioned above,’s new API and SDK allow brokers to use familiar programming languages to access trading. Brokers can also leverage the API and manage up to 300 sub-accounts.

The level of services offered, along with the suite of products available on a platform, and the liquidity available on a platform to enable smooth trading, will go a long way in determining the level of success when it comes to securing institutional services in crypto. A high level of commitment towards quick execution will also help significantly in securing institutional services. allows blockchain enthusiasts to trade and store assets in over 1,250 of the leading cryptocurrencies for over 10 million users from over 190 countries. The exchange offers spot, margin, futures and contract trading in addition to DeFi products through Hipo DeFi, custodial services through, investments through Gate Labs and its dedicated GateChain platform. The company also offers a wholly integrated suite of products such as its Startup IEO platform, NFT Magic Box marketplace, crypto loans and more.

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