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GME stock soars 54% and prompts circuit breaker following RoaringKitty's comeback

Meanwhile, meme coins related to GameStop and the legendary investor rise by over 1,000%.

GME stock soars 54% and prompts circuit break following RoaringKitty's comeback

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GameStop stocks GME triggered a circuit breaker today after a 54% rise, according to multiple reports. The volatility is tied to the return of RoaringKitty on X this Monday, after a nearly three-year hiatus from public apparitions, as reported by Crypto Briefing.

Keith Gill, RoaringKitty’s real name, is largely credited for spiking the GameStop stock surge in late 2020. Gill worked as a financial analyst, became convinced that GameStop stock was undervalued, and shared this belief on X and YouTube using the handle RoaringKitty.

Meanwhile, meme coins on Solana tied to GameStop and RoaringKitty show large leaps in price in the last six hours. GaemStap (GME), a meme coin surfing the trend of misspelling names, has risen by 1,957% at the time of writing. Kith gil (GIL), a token referencing RoaringKitty’s real name, leaped 1,960% in the same period.

DeepF*ckingValue (ROAR), another one of Gill’s pseudonyms, jumped 1,264% and is also among the Solana meme coins with stellar rises in the past six hours. RoaringKitty (KITTY), however, shows the most significant leap of the bunch after showing an 11,045% growth.

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