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Google, Coinbase, CNBC… Gosh, That IS A Cozy Day In Crypto

Cryptocurrency gets more institutional every day.


Be careful what you wish for. The cryptocurrency community has been ardent in its support for institutional investors. Passionate about mass adoption. And borderline crazy at times about decisions that seemed designed to crush the crypto movement.

Today, one such decision was reversed: Google announced that its ban on cryptocurrency advertising would be moderated, leaving open an avenue for *regulated exchanges* to display their wares.

In completely unrelated news, which broke at almost exactly the same time, Coinbase (which, according to one source, has been advertising on Google) announced a series of rules and regulations designed to help compliant tokens list on its *regulated exchange*.

CEO Brian Armstrong suggested that eventually there would be “millions” of tokens that could be listed and traded on Coinbase’s regulated exchange.

(XRP, naturally, flared up like a hernia.)

The institutionalization of cryptocurrency began a long time ago. But it’s never been more apparent than in this pair of events, with the Coinbase announcement carried live on – what else? – CNBC’s ‘Fast Money’.

Google + Coinbase = ?

Data. Lots, and lots, and lots, of lovely data.

For those who think crypto is an economic revolution, it may be time to wake up and inhale the aroma.

If today’s announcements by these two enterprises were in any way linked, that smell isn’t coffee.


The author is invested in digital assets.


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