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HashQuark Raises Millions in Series A Funding

HashQuark completed a Series A funding round led by Qiming Venture Partners.

HashQuark Raises Millions in Series A Funding
Shutterstock cover by Pamela Au

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Leading staking services provider HashQuark has raised Series A equity funding led by Qiming Venture Partners. Qiming is known as the early investor of Xiaomi, TikTok creators ByteDance, Insta 360, and Meituan.

The funding round was joined by Fenbushi Capital, HashKey Capital, Hash Global, imToken Ventures, and SNZ. This move makes HashQuark one of the very few staking service companies to raise a fund from a traditional venture capital firm.

Ever since the end of 2018, HashQuark has begun to develop blockchain infrastructure businesses, creating value while safeguarding the security of proof-of-stake-backed blockchains by way of node operation. Relying on its abundant industry resources and a professional technical team, HashQuark has become one of the world’s largest staking service providers.

With the globally deployed infrastructure and the staking service network always online, HashQuark offers secure, stable, and convenient enterprise-level staking services, running nodes for over 30 proof-of-stake blockchains. According to, the world’s most credible PoS rating agency, HashQuark consistently ranks among the top three in terms of the number of projects served, product functions, business layout, product safety, and comprehensive capabilities.

At the same time, HashQuark pioneered the concept of staking as an “ecological service provider,” aimed at providing high-quality PoS-backed blockchain projects with industry resources and ecological value in addition to technology.

It’s also worth mentioning that HashQuark, one of the earliest participants of the Web3 ecology, has entered the Polkadot network validator node list and launched PolkaCube, a service focused on enabling a better staking experience for validators and nominators on Polkadot. The service offers blockchain data display, staking strategy guidance, and wallet and delegation management.

HashQuark has a professional research team focusing on economic models and blockchain technology, which has produced dozens of influential technical articles and in-depth research reports, contributing to communities such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, and Cosmos.

Now HashQuark has partnered with several world-leading blockchain teams, including imToken (a world-renowned decentralized blockchain wallet), Infinito Wallet (a popular blockchain wallet in Vietnam), and Block72 (a well-known blockchain consulting company in South Korea), LongHash (a project accelerator), and SlowMist Technology (a top security team).

Leo Li, CEO of HashQuark, stated that since its official launch as a professional staking service provider, the HashQuark team has united in ira business focus on the blockchain infrastructure and in the aim to offer secure, efficient and convenient services in the world of digital finance. This funding round will enable HashQuark to increase the size of the team, allowing the company to expand its presence worldwide. This year is critical for the large-scale application of blockchain technology in digital finance.

Taking advantage of this trend, HashQuark will release innovative products to serve customers around Ethereum 2.0, Polkadot, PlatON, and other star projects.

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