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How to Get $500 in Free Stellar Lumens on Keybase

Stellar Lumens ignition driven by strong partnerships with the likes of IBM Shift and Deloitte

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The Stellar Development Foundation announced a 2 billion XLM airdrop ⁠— worth over $100 million ⁠— for verified users on Keybase. You’ll need a valid phone number and must reside in an approved country.

Stellar, a decentralized, multi-currency, blockchain-based payment protocol, partnered with Keybase, a messaging and file sharing application, to give away 2 billion Lumens. The drops are scheduled to be sent out in increments of 100 million XLM on the 15th of every month. During the previous airdrop round recipients received $42 in Lumens. 

How to Get in on the Bounty

Here’s how to earn up to $500 in XLM over the next 19 months in six steps:

Step 1: Go to Keybase and download their desktop application.

Step 2: Verify your email address. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

Step 3: Add/verify valid phone number. You will receive a text with your verification code.

Step 4: Create a secure paper key. This is a series of 13 randomly selected words you will be asked to write down.

Step 5: Add an additional ‘device.’ Repeat Step 4 to reach the required three device requirement (your paper key qualifies as a device). 

Step 6: Go to the “My Wallet” tab and sign up for the airdrop.

You will receive the following message:

You’re all set! In addition to having yet another messaging app, you also have a cryptocurrency wallet and are now registered to receive free Lumens every month for the next 19 months. If the reward remains above $25 per airdrop then each account will receive $500 by the end of the promotion.

Remember, the 2 billion is divided equally among users. So if you share this information, and as it states on the Keybase blog, “everyone who signs up takes a tiny bit away from you.”

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