idexo Launches Community Development Kit to Help Brands Mint NFTs on Twitter and Telegram

Users will be able to mint NFTs by sending a tweet or a Telegram message.

idexo Launches Community Development Kit to Help Brands Mint NFTs on Twitter and Telegram

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idexo wants to help brands get into the NFT boom.

idexo Unveils Community Development Kit

idexo is proud to announce the launch of its Community Development Kit (CDK). The tool makes use of idexo’s API to facilitate community growth across social platforms. For example, users can mint NFTs by tweeting or sending a Telegram message, fueling rapid community growth.

The project facilitates the building of cross-chain NFT and gaming API solutions. The team raised $2.5 million in funding earlier in September to help integrate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into any application or game. A cross-chain NFT API allows anyone to build NFT-oriented marketplaces or non-fungible tokens for a wide variety of purposes.

Making NFTs more appealing to the mainstream requires the use of innovative solutions. An API is a more accessible solution that carries fewer responsibilities than managing a blockchain wallet. Any transaction can occur through an API key to make these options more accessible and easier to implement. idexo is compatible with Avalanche, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Arweave, and Polygon.

The launch of the Community Development Kit (CDK) marks another essential milestone for idexo. The suite of tools introduces solutions for planning community NFTs, letting users create them, and connecting non-fungible tokens with community members for rewards and other innovative purposes. In addition, with the help of the native API, teams can explore different options to achieve fast community growth across Telegram and Twitter. idexo was the first in the world to enable minting of NFTs on Twitter and Telegram. Now, clients of its CDK can offer its communities the same revolutionary technology.

Users can mint an NFT by simply sending a tweet or a Telegram message. Clients can base entire campaigns around this concept to engage community members and expand their reach across both platforms.

bloXmove is the first customer to make use of the idexo Community Development Kit. The bloXmove project aims to connect the global mobile community seamlessly. A dedicated NFT will be launched for community members, which can be minted on Telegram and Twitter. Every NFT will provide a key to an idexo-hosted app where NFT holders can complete a KYC step to gain access to a special private sale round.

Through idexo’s native solution and CDK, any developer can integrate NFTs for innovative purposes. Any app or game can benefit from these solutions as they introduce a different way for community engagement and community growth.

idexo values simplicity and fun. The project is aiming to empower creative individuals to build great industry-disrupting applications by simplifying complexity in two key areas: shipping product, where the team reduces the technical and economic complexity through our SDK/API and Compute Credit, and growing community through the Community Development Kit (CDK).

For more information on idexo, contact Greg Marlin at [email protected].

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